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About the Vice-Rectorate
Roles and Responsibilities:
  1. ​1-      Preparing the five-year and annual plan for the University Vice-Rectorate for Educational Affairs.


    2-      Managing the University's educational process and working to meet its requirements.


    3-      Upgrading teaching and learning strategies to improve targeted learning outcomes.


    4-      Coordinating between the colleges of the University in all matters relating to curricula and the education plans.


    5-      Meeting all laboratories' needs and requirements in regards to equipment and tools in concerned colleges.


    6-      Improving educational programs according to quality standards and academic accreditation requirements.


    7-      Setting educational rules and regulations and following up on their implementation.


    8-      Implementing the University's admission and registration policies and monitoring the application of the adopted standards.


    9-      Coordinating with University agencies to develop the educational process.


    10-   Strengthening institutional partnerships to assist the educational process.


    11-   Developing knowledge exchange programs that contribute to the application of the highest academic practices and the exchange of experiences.


    12-   Supervising and monitoring of the Vice-Rectorate's deanships, departments, and centers.


    13-   Representing the University in local, regional and international conferences, symposiums and committees related to academic affairs.


    14-   Identifying the Vice-Rectorate's needs for manpower, equipment and tools and following up to meet those needs.