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Admission is open to apply for study grants external system to non-Saudi for the academic year 1442 AH

Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University declares the start of the submission of applications to study by external scholarships system for non-Saudi student outside of Saudi Arabia for the academic year 1442 AH .

1-The application is submitted by filling in the required data via the link. " click here ​"

2-Conditions of acceptance of the external grant system "clik here"

3-Notice: Any requests will be accepted only through the link.

4-The date of submission of the Application for admission to study at the university.



SubjectTodayThe Hijri dateGregorian Date
The beginning of the submission of the requestSunday15/6/ 1441 AH9/​FEBRUARY/2020 
The end of the submission of the requestThursday16/ 8/ 1441 AH9/APRIL / 2020


The following points has to be noted:                                                                       

1- Note that studying at the university in Arabic is for all departments.

2-Will not consider any request that does not meet the requirements.

3-Applying more than one time will terminate all the applications .

4- Apply for admission to the university and the receipt of the request electronically to study it does not mean you have  acceptance, and you will be notified in case of acceptance.

5-Applicant be responsible for the veracity of the  attach the required documents and fill in the data correctly and if it is found otherwise The university is entitled to delete the application.

6-Admission to the specializations available for the year of admission shall be accepted except for the health colleges in all their departments in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 94 dated 19/3/1431 AH regulating the admission of students of non-Saudi scholarships in higher education institutions in the Kingdom .

7- The Applicants who are accepted by the Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers and wish to complete the Bachelor's degree she must obtain all the requirements to upgrade the scholarship from diploma to bachelor degree .

The applicant must bring all original documents in case she have been accepted to the University, and the University has the right to end the scholarship if she did not bring it within two months of conformity date.

8- Applicants for internal and external scholarships shall apply the admission requirements and the regulations applicable to female Saudi students at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University according to available seats.

9- The student of the scholarship must adhere to the duration of the  academic program that she was accepted in .when she ends the original duration of the academic program , she can  not extend more the half of it , in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 94 dated 19/3/1431 AH regulating the admission of students of non-Saudi scholarships in higher education institutions in the Kingdom .

10- In the case of the final nomination is not entitled to grant student transition from university to the other except what you see in the interest of the university student.

11- residence regulations in Saudi Arabia apply to the scholarship's student

12- The system does not allow the transfer of the sponsorship of the external grant  student to the to another party, or to bring her  relatives to the Kingdom.

13. The foreign scholarship student must leave the Kingdom after the end of her studies or end her scholarship within a period not exceeding three months from the date of the issuance of her visa.

14-External scholarship students are prohibited to work for individuals or companies during study, or they be subject to dismiss

Link submission of the application:

Click HRER​

Communicate for external grants:

Send an e-mail to :


0096611 8243542

0096611 8243341

0096611 8243346

0096611 8243205

0096611 8243454

0096611 8243171

Communication during working hours:

​From 08:00 am to 13:30pm

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