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Make Excuse for studying a course in the second semester 1441 AH

​The Deanship of Admission and Registration in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University announces receiving Excuse requests for a course in the second semester of academic year 1441 AH as follows:


Dates of submitting Excuse request for a course in the Second Semester of Academic Year 1441 AH:

Excuse for studying a course




Commencement date of Excuse for studying a course


   15 Jumada II 1441

   09 February 2020

Deadline of Excuse for studying a course


   02 Sha'ban 1441

   26 March 2020


Excuse for studying a course:

The student may excuse for studying a course, provided that her credit hours shall not be less than the minimum limit for study. This does not affect the grade of honor the student can achieve, if the conditions to be given are fulfilled, in accordance with the executive rules for study and examinations regulation in the university.


Controls of Excuse Request for a course (Click here)


Steps of submitting Excuse request through Self-Service Portal:

1.  Access the academic system.

2.  Select Service Menu icon to access services.

3.   Select Service Request Icon.

4.   Select academic procedures from category icon.

5.   Select postpone or excuse for a semester from Service icon.

6.  Select Continue Icon.

7.   Select the reason from Reason icon.

8.   Select Save.

9.   Request brief page appears to verify the request, select Save icon.

10.  A confirmation message appears, and then select OK icon to confirm request.

11.  View Service Application Status screen appears, and your request will appear in the table.

12.  To submit a new application, select New Icon at the bottom of the table.


Verify the execution of the application through Self-Service:

Access the request status from services list option, while noting that the request status has changed from request submitted to request accepted.


For communication in respect of postponing or making excuse for a course in a semester:

E-mail address:

Or contact: 0118243419


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