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Student Affairs Services

Students with Disabilities Unit:
It is a unit affiliated with the University's Disability Support Center which provides academic and technical support to students with disabilities.

Services Provided:

    • Liaison between the University's Disability Support Center and faculty members.
  • Academic support to students with disabilities.

  • Contact us:
    Ext phone: 21805

  • Advisory Board:
    This is a group of students elected to represent the college.

Sports Activity Unit:
A unit that aims to incorporate sport in a healthy life.   

Student Support Unit:
It provides the following services: assistance with self-support- locker rental - students' rights protection unit - skills register.

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Psychosocial Specialists Unit:
The following services are provided:

    • Counseling.
    • Social and psychological services.
    • Behavioral guidance.
    • Aid.
    • Loans.
    • Exceptional leave (marriage - illness - courses).

  • Contact us:    
    Ext phone: 41504

Alumni Unit:
The unit is concerned with announcing suitable job vacancies for college graduates, following up on the graduates' status, and providing qualifying programs for them.

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