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Research Center

Center Objectives:

Supporting and motivating faculty members in the college to submit research projects in accordance with the regulations and procedures of the Deanship of Scientific Research.Developing faculty members' scientific research and innovation skills.Providing scientific, research and professional consultations related to the specializations of the college.Supporting internal and external research partnerships at the University with those involved in the specializations of the Community College.

  • Center Target Groups:
  • Faculty members and researchers.
  • Students.
  • Beneficiaries of research projects inside and outside the University.
  • Relevant local and international scientific centers and bodies.

    Center Services:
    The Deanship of Scientific Research has several support programs. The researcher chooses the appropriate program, downloads the form, and completes the requirements. It is then reviewed by the members of the Center's Council in accordance with the regulations. After that, it is submitted to the Deanship of Scientific Research.Funding research projects.
  • Research consulting.
  • Research plagiarism checker.
  • Training courses and workshops.
    Center Work Procedures:
  • Review the application form.
  • Set up detailed researchers' awards and scheduled budgets.
  • Ensure that the final amount of the project in the application form matches the amount on the first page of the form.
  • Ensure that each member has included a signature.
  • Ensure that each member has included an email and phone number.
  • Ensure that the correct form is used.
  • Attach the CVs of all research project participants.
  • Ensure the topic provided for funding aligns with the vision and objectives of the center, as well as with the CVs of researchers and the methodology used to write the project.​