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Brief About Program
Program Goals:
1. Proficient in analysis, design, and programming skills, in addition the ability to interact with the different types of computer applications. 
2. Design and manage databases and deal with their applications. 
3. Knowledge of basics of managerial sciences and entrepreneurship.
4. Possess problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, and decision-making skills. 
5. Able to design and develop software, applications, and computer systems in all fields that contribute to development. 
6. Able to manage projects and databases.
7. Analyze and design architectures for institutions and companies. 
8. Possess the basic skills for scientific research, assess references, and write scientific reports. 
9. Possess skills in time management, organization, prioritization, and commitment to the team spirit to guarantee effective achievements within the team.
10. Possess learning skills and keeping abreast with the developments in computer applications. 
11. Able to utilize computer knowledge in community service and participate in volunteer activities by providing training on the different computer systems. 
12. Commit to professional and ethical responsibilities, and maintain the privacy of the users and information security when developing software. 
13. Efficient in designing and developing websites, social media applications, and smart applications.  
14. Display communication, outreach, analysis, and presentation skills through the different activities and events held in the department.  

Language of study:
Students will study all the specialized courses in English, while the rest of the courses will be taught in both Arabic and English.
Career Opportunities: 
Graduates of the Information Systems program can work in banks, hospitals, educational institutions, and private and public sector institutions.
The Information Systems academic program was specifically designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to join labor forces in Saudi Arabia and the world. The program specializes in the following:
1. Database management and analysis. Currently, information is an institutions’ most important asset. As a result, database management, which manages and protects organizational information, is an important issue to consider.
2. Organization structure. There is a significant lack of information systems specialists in the region. The technical role of information systems specialists is of utmost importance to the institutions that lead the organization technology strategy, as they analyze business requirements and the designs from the view of business operations and data flow, the related applications, and the technology components needed to host the applications, while coordinating with other teams for work implementation.
3. Enterprise Resource Planning. Almost all institutions require Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. This is an attractive field of specialization.
4. Information Security. Information security is considered one of the growing fields around the world. It is also considered one of the main requirements of any organization.

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