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The Bachelor of Applied Linguistics (English Language) program introduces students to different methods and theories in key areas of linguistics. The program provides students in first levels with knowledge about linguistic theories and their applications in a variety of contexts. The program equips students through the course of Academic Skills with the academic skills essential for working at higher levels. We believe the development of students' language skills goes hand in hand with the development of their English grammar, academic writing, and speech and listening skills. Gradually, the program offers more specialized courses that open wider horizons in linguistics such as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and Language Pedagogy, as well as teaching English to non-native speakers. The application of linguistics theories is not limited to English, but students study the basics of Arabic grammar as one of the requirements of the university. The college of Languages provides a range of required courses to improve the student's skills in the French language  or Chinese Language which broaden their language repertoire and direct their knowledge with the theories of applied linguistics. By the time of graduation, students will have a deep understanding of the major branches of Applied Linguistics and its applications.

 Program specialization requirements includes 116 required credit hours for graduation in the major of Applied Linguistics. ​