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Inspirational Teaching and Career and Development:

Inspirational Teaching and Career and Development:

​​​​​​​And as part of our efforts to improve the quality of the educational outputs in line with international standards in education and the requirements of the labor market, CBA has initiated several educational and training partnerships as a means of developing the educational process and improving the relationship with educational institutions and business sectors. 

Research excellence:
The College of Management and Business is distinguished by its quality of research. Its research addresses many of the major challenges facing the business community. Our research aims to work with leading business organizations such as SABIC, Dublin City University and the International Monetary Fund.

Inspirational Teaching:
At CBA we pride ourselves on ensuring that our students receive a quality business education. Students learn from Instructors and Practitioners who are specialists in their field of business. Most are active researchers who work closely with enterprise and enjoy inspiring and empowering female students with their knowledge and innovation. Modes of Instruction in CBA are dynamic and reflect real life scenarios, students take part in workshops, seminars, individual and team presentations, computer laboratories, and use case studies and business simulations to apply theory to actual enterprise. 
Alongside academic study, CBA students are encouraged and supported to develop their entrepreneurial skills, participate in team business challenges and gain professional development certificates and badges.  

Career and Development:
CBA are committed to the personal and professional development of its students. This is encapsulated in the vision, mission, program learning outcomes of the BSBA, program learning outcomes of the Management major and concentration tracks. Each course offered as part of these programs has been carefully designed to maximize student potential to ensure that they graduate with the personal and professional competencies and skills necessary to succeed in a globalized, knowledge based world. Students on successful completion of the BSBA program will be:
PNU CBA students are encouraged through their program of study to be innovative in their approaches to problem solving, and to be flexible and adaptable to emerging business situations and ideas.

Solution - Oriented
PNU CBA encourage students to adopt a solution-oriented approach to dealing with problems, difficulties and opportunities in business and the real world. Graduates will be skilled at applying this knowledge to explore the real problem, which in turn allows them to explore a solution that might not have been immediately obvious.
Effective Communicators
PNU CBA stresses the importance and value of good communication in all aspects of work and society. Graduates will be able to draw on appropriate skills to negotiate effectively, collaborate, influence and support others. 
Socially & Ethically Responsible 
PNU CBA encourages students to be locally and globally aware, to value tolerance, respect cultural diversity, and be committed to working with others to make a difference in business and society.  CBA graduates will value the importance of conducting themselves ethically and responsibly both in a personal and a professional capacity.
Dynamic Leaders  
PNU CBA recognized the importance of developing leadership skills. Graduates will have understand the significance of their personal responsibility to take the lead and effect change in every aspect of life.
Dedicated to Continuous Learning 
 PNU CBA promotes and nurtures a spirit of inquiry, reflection and evaluation. Graduates will understand from their studies that knowledge is not fixed or static, and that insights and skills can always be enhanced and extended further. The table below outlines the skills development that students will participate and engage in throughout the duration of study for the BSBA. While the courses listed explicitly target skills development, many of the other course on the program also develop personal and professional skills, in the classroom, via e learning platforms, practitioner/professional lectures, seminars and symposiums and through carefully designed assessments. This approach to career planning and development supports the student in acquiring a set of relevant and transferable skills that enhance their employability on graduation from the program. To support this process students are required in Semester One, Year 1 to start work on a Professional Development Portfolio. They are responsible for managing and developing their PDP with support from their academic supervisor and via e learning throughout their studies from level 1-7, years 1-4.
 Business Skills Development Courses
Level  Course  Skills Development Aim
1 Skills for Business I Communications, Team working, Time Management, Introduction to CBA, Learning to Learn
2 Skills for Business II Written and oral business communications, presentation skills, cross cultural communication, Spreadsheets, Database Management, Decision Making
3 Digital Innovation, Creativity & Enterprise Project Management, Creativity and Enterprise
4 Business Statistics Data Management, Data Manipulation, Predictive Analytics, Decision Making 
5 Entrepreneurship Creativity, leadership, planning, team management skills, decision making ​