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Professional Career of Program’s Graduate

            All occupations and jobs in the field of social care that require a professional specialization in social work, where graduates are allowed to work in the following jobs:​

           First: Educational Field

  1. 1. Public Education:

    Social worker in primary, middle, secondary and kindergarten schools.
  2. 2. University Education:
  1. Social worker in the Extra-curricular Activity Department and the Social Guidance and Student Counseling Department in colleges.
  2. Social worker in the internal dormitory of university students.

    Second: Elderly Care Field:

    Social worker in all kinds of elderly care institutions.

    Third: People with Special Needs Field

    Social worker in all institutions of people with special needs such as:
  1. 1. Professional qualification for females;
  2. 2. Institutions of people with multiple disabilities; and
  3. 3. Mentally retarded people care institutions.

    Fourth: Rural and Urban Development and Community Development

    Social worker in all of the following institutions:
  1. 1. Women's charities of all kinds;
  2. 2. Urban social service centers;
  3. 3. (Rural) Social Development Centers;
  4. 4. Charitable and development housing projects;
  5. 5. Residential districts centers (urban social development centers); and
  6. 6. Social security offices.

    Fifth: Family and Childhood Fields

    Social worker in all of the following institutions:
  1. 1. Childcare institutions of all kinds, such as: Care for orphans and foundlings; and
  2. 2. Family care and family counseling institutions.

    Sixth: Crime and Delinquency Fields:

    Social worker in the following fields:
  1. 1. Women's prisons;
  2. 2. Juvenile delinquents institutions;
  3. 3. National Committee for the Care of Prisoners; and
  4. 4. All kinds of institutions that provide social services for prisoners and juvenile delinquents of underage girls.

    Seventh: Medical and Psychological Field

    Social worker in the following fields:
  1. 1. Hospitals and health centers (PHC centers);
  2. 2. Mental health hospitals and mental health clinics;
  3. 3. Addiction Treatment Hospitals (Alcohol/Drugs); and
  4. 4. Organ donation centers.


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