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Panel Discussions

The E-learning and Distance Education Deanship truly believes in the rich expertise and disciplines of e-learning units throughout the colleges, institutes and deanships of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. Therefore, the Deanship offers a series of panel discussions in its periodic meetings with directors to contribute to the strengthening of the community of practice and knowledge. 

Topics to be submitted by the colleges, institutes or deanships are discussed for scheduling with periodic unit meetings.

General specifications: 

The duration of the session is one hour.
Topics that are presented should be in the field of e-learning.
The session can be presented by the unit manager or coordinator.
A device connected to a projector and an internet connection is provided.
The Deanship is informed of the date as soon as possible to ensure that the time is available and convenient, for a minimum period of at least one week.
It is preferable that the session be of an applied nature to ascertain skill and establish knowledge.
In the event that there are preset up of technical equipment such as (computer, internet), we hope to be informed to circulate these technical requirements.
The unit gets a (Thank You) certificate from the Deanship for its participation in presenting the panel discussion.


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