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The University Decision Support Department was established by resolution No. 31129 dated 4/7/1439 AH, to be the official reference for data inside and outside the university. This department is associated with the University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality.

It collects, audits and analyzes data in support of decision makers. It also measures and analyzes departments' performance, which contributes to achieving the university's strategic goals.


• Providing a repository of data represented in a business intelligence (BI), in order to provide appropriate solutions to the university's decision makers.

• Preparing informational analytical forms for the university's departments to support decision making, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Digital Transformation Program 2020.

•Monitoring of the academic community's issues and/or concerns and ongoing support for successful solutions. 

• Building partnerships with various governmental bodies to serve the university's decision support goals.

• Organizing workshops in cooperation with other universities and relevant bodies which specialize in decision-making support.

• Organizing and holding panel discussions and scientific meetings with officials and decision makers at the university to find solutions that support decision making. 


• Collecting data from reliable sources.

• Making data available to responsible stakeholders.

• Approving the university's data before it is disseminated to inside and outside entities.

• Measuring the departments' performance and presenting their achievements to the university's decision makers.

• Analyzing data and building knowledge-based evidence.

• Providing alternative technical solutions supported by scientific evidence in order to facilitate the process of decision making.

• Furnishing information for stakeholders (policy makers, the business sector, and civil society).

• Developing systems to support decision making on educational, research, professional and developmental issues that are of interest to the university and society.

• Supporting interaction and forming partnerships at local, regional and international levels to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange.


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