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  Service Details:

       Service Name                      Service description
       Lync (Skype)                    -  Instant Messaging, Audio and Video Call.
                                       -  Desktop sharing for remote assistance.
                                       -  Conference sizes of up to 250 participants, and up to 6 people
                                           shown live simultaneously.
                                       -  Compatible with all devices.
       Office Online                   -  Web-based version of Microsoft Office.
                                       -  Can be used without installing office package.

                                       -  Compatible with all devices.
       Yammer Enterprise               -  Share an announcement with a group to instantly notify
                                           members of important updates.
                                       -  Use the publisher to share updates, add files, post polls,
                                           praise someone, or loop someone into conversations.

                                       -  Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and videos
                                           across teams and get feedback right away.
                                       -  Compatible with all devices.
       Office ProPlus                  -  Installing office 2013 full package.
                                       -  User allowed to activate the office on 5 machines, laptop or
                                       -  License can be de-activated / assigned to a different machine
       OneDrive for                    -  Up to 1 TB storage for each user.
       business                        -  Connect anytime from anywhere.
                                       -   Share the files with others with access control.

       Email Service for               -  Up to 50 GB mailbox storage for each Student.
       students                           -  Sending / receiving emails.
                                       -   Synchronize e-mail messages, calendars and contact
                                           information on all student devices.

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