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1. Vice Deanship for Academic Supervision and Follow-up


Organizational Association: associated to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.


Objective: to provide postgraduate programs that align with the recent scientific and international developments.



a)      Supervise the implementation of postgraduate programs in different colleges.

b)      Supervise and follow-up the internal and external arbitration of postgraduate programs.

c)      Activate the agreements with the related local and international universities to provide joint postgraduate programs.


2. Vice Deanship for Students Affairs


Organizational Association: associated to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.


Objective: to provide the best services for postgraduate students on the highest level of organization and accuracy, and facilitate the enrolment process through following-up the students' admission and registration.



a)      Examine the affairs of postgraduate students in order to present them to the deanship council.

b)      Hold meetings with postgraduate students to address their needs and problems, as well as to listen to their suggestions and lift the barriers they face. 

c)      Schedule the dates of admission and registration after coordinating with the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.

d)      Supervise the students' admission through the portal.

e)      Edit the students' data after finishing the admission process.

f)       Supervise the students' registration through the portal.


3. Vice Deanship for Scholarship Affairs


Organizational Association: associated to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.


Objective: to develop PNU's staff through internal and external scholarships.



a)      Develop the scholarship strategic plan in cooperation with the academic departments and colleges.

b)      Develop a detailed blueprint of scholarship students' specializations according to the colleges, departments and scholarship entities.  

c)      Provide a statistics and annual budget of the scholarships (internal and external), as well as the Teaching and Administration Staff.

d)      Coordinate with colleges and departments in the academic and administrative follow-up for the scholarship students.

e)      Coordinate with the Administration of Teaching Assistants and Instructors to adjust the scholarship process.

f)       Coordinate with embassies to follow-up the affairs of scholarship students.

g)      Specify the training needs for the administration employees, and coordinate with the Deanship of Skills Development to nominate them to the appropriate programs for them.

h)      Specify the administration needs of equipment, materials and work forces, and follow-up the providing process. 

i)       Prepare regular reports of the administration activities and accomplishments, provide development suggestions and submit them to the Dean of Postgraduate Studies.


Associated Administrations:

- Administration for the External Joint Supervision Program

- Administration for Scholarship and Training


4. Vice Deanship for Development and Quality


Organizational Association: associated to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.


Objective: to improve the quality of the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies in all the academic and administrative transactions and procedures.



a)      Dedicate the concept of quality and spread its culture around the deanship.

b)      Contribute to developing strategic and organizational plans for the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.

c)      Prepare suggestions and objectives for meetings and workshops in the framework of development process for Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.

d)      Conduct all the related tasks to the development of higher studies students and improve their competency through a training plan that represent their development needs.

e)      Develop suggestion and plans to improve the performance quality of all the academic and administrative transactions and procedures.

f)       Specify the specialized training needs of the deanship staff, and coordinate with the training administration in the deanship and the concerned entities at PNU to conduct them.

g)      Supervise the Higher Committee of Postgraduate Programs, and the colleges committees to meet the quality requirements.

h)      Supervise the annual report preparation of the deanship, and distribute it to the concerned entities after the Dean's approval. 

i)       Submit regular reports to the Dean about the development in the associated units according to its duties and the obstacles it faces.

j)       Supervise the implementation process of matters related to development and quality.

k)      Develop a mechanism to identify the expectations, requirements and customer satisfaction level of the deanship (internal and external), and report them to all the concerned academic departments and administrative units.

l)       Follow-up updating the deanship website regarding its associated administrative units.

m)   Implement the duties assigned by the Dean.

n)      Evaluate the higher studies programs regularly through specialized committees or authorities inside or outside the university.

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