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Student Support and Services Centers
The Content of the Student Support and Services Center (Building190)

Main Departments:

1.    Department of Student Support and Services Center and its service offices .
2.    Department of Najah Center and service offices.
3.    Department of Student and Career Guidance Center.
4.    University Medical Center and its service clinics .

Service Facilities:

1. Student Advisory Council.
2. Noura's Voice Student Office.
3. World ambassador Hall.
4. International Hall.
5. Afanen Hall.
6. Students Safe facility.
7. Students Clubs Center.
8. Nazaha Club. 

Supporting Departments:

1. Security office.
2. Field guidance office.
3. Technology office. 
4. Operation and maintenance office.

Investment Facilities:

1. Restaurant area.
2. Pharmacy.
3. Supermarket.
4. Riyadh Bank.

Service Facilities at Student support and services center (Building270):
Services Facilities:
The Student Club Lounge contains five student club halls and a multi-use hall (first floor).
Speaker’s Hall for speeches, debates, dialogues, workshops, training sessions and seminars.
Riyadh bank.

Investment Facilities:
1. Restaurant area (Ground and first floor)
2. Restaurant area (Second floor)

Supporting Departments:
1. Safety and Security Department
2. Field Guidance
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Contact info:
Student Support and Services Center A4
Student Support and Services Center A10