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Student Support and Services Centers

Student Support and Services Center A4:

Student Support and Services Center is one of the service centers that are concerned with serving university staff including students, and members of the educational and administrative staff.


Main Departments:

1.    Department of Student Support and Services Center and its service offices.

2.    Department of Najah Center and service offices.

3.    Department of Employment Guidance Center.

4.    University Medical Center and its service clinics


Service Facilities:

Student Advisory Council, Ambassadors Office, World Ambassadors Hall, International Hall, AFanen Hall, Games Area, Grand Hall, Diction & Theater Club, Integrity (Nazah) Club, Student Safes.


Supporting Departments:

Transportation and Traffic Department, Technology Department, Security Department, Field Guidance Department, and Facilities Management.


Investment Facilities:

Restaurants area, Pharmacy, Shaqri Library, Supermarket, Skin Care Center, Mahabir Al Ilm Bookstore, Riyadh Bank.


Student Support and Services Center A10:

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University emphasizes on the quality of education and entrepreneurship in order to prepare and equip its students through development of their skills and abilities, and aspires to achieve the elevation and decent position of women in our society.

Hence, the University is keen to provide various educational and recreational services for students as well as psychological, social and academic support for them. From this perspective, the University has established a special center for students’ services in order to ensure the provision of all service requirements for the students under supervision of specialized staff.

The Student Support and Services Center (A10) is also interested in providing a venue for student clubs to enhance students’ skills and expand their perceptions in various scientific and technical fields. The center hosts students' cultural and health activities from various colleges, it also includes restaurants, sale points, a bank and student clubs.



At Student Support and Services Center A10, we strive to contribute to realization of the University’s mission towards dear daughters of the homeland. That is through preparation of conscious and distinguished generation of human and distinct cadres in terms of personal, social and skills through creation of a stimulating and appropriate environment that assists in investing talents of students as well as launching their sense of creativity.  



1.    Preparation of cadres at a high level of awareness within the university.

2.    Utilize students’ energies and direct them for their benefit.

3.    Develop students' intellectual and social skills.

4.    Utilize student energies in voluntary contributions.

5.    Help the student to identify her tendencies and needs for work.

6.    ​Instill the spirit of cooperation among students.

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