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Student Housing

​Who deserves accommodation?

1.    Scholarship students according to the scholarship rules.

2.    Saudi students residing at remote areas more than 150 km away from Riyadh City.

3.    Students of special status whose status requires to be examined by the Deanship of Students Affairs.

4.    Non-Saudi student who meets the rental conditions specified by the Deanship of Student Affairs.


1.    Securing and equipping the accommodation buildings to receive the students in coordination with the concerned department.

2.    Providing the highest level of health, social and psychological care to students residing within the dormitory.

3.    Providing integrated meals for students at discounted prices.

4.    Providing means of transportation to serve the dormitory students.

5.    Providing computer and telephone networks to facilitate external communication.

6.    Providing multiple commercial services (student service- provisions- restaurant- cafe) as needed by students.

7.    Conducting extracurricular activities at the students’ accommodation.

8.    The student can use sports and recreational facilities on the campus.