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History of the University

History of the University​:

​The woman education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has received a great deal of care and attention that allowed an unprecedented opportunity for her to move confidently towards realization of her aspirations and demonstrate excellence in various fields. Furthermore, this has made it possible for women to appear prominently not only at the domestic level, but also even at the international level. As we can see well-known models of educated and specialized Saudi researcher women whose names are echoed in international forums and other disciplines of knowledge, which proves their success and competence in a manner that is not less than their counterparts in other developed countries.

PNU is one of the outcomes of care and attention directed to women's higher education. This started early as the General Presidency for Girls' Education in 1390 AH corresponding to 1970 AD laid the cornerstone of the first educational college for girls, then successively inaugurated colleges until it reached 102 colleges ranging from university, intermediate and community colleges distributed to 72 Saudi cities including 600,000 female students. In Riyadh only, there have been six colleges such as College of Education for literary sections, College of Education for scientific sections, College of Teacher Education, College of Social Work, College of Home Management and College of Arts.

In 1427 AH/2006 AD, the Royal decree was issued to establish the first university for girls in Riyadh under the supervision of Ministry of Higher Education comprising the six colleges that are currently located in Riyadh after restructuring them, in addition to establishment of several new colleges to serve development march in the Kingdom. In 1428 AH/2007 AD, the university has been activated through appointing Dr. Al Jawhara bint Fahad Al Saud as the first rector to it.

On Wednesday, 29/10/1429 AH- 29/10/2008 AD, the University was honored by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques's visit to lay the foundation stone of the dormitory. Then, he decided to change its name to Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University in tribute to the sister of the founder of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman., May Allah have mercy upon him.​

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