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Researchers Support Initiative

It is an initiative to support the most published researchers to publish their research in ISI journals

General Supervisor of the Program:

Her Excellency the President of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University:

Prof. Dr. Enas Al-Issa

General Supervisor of Researchers Support Project part of Research Activation and Internationalisation Program: Dr. Thamraa Muhammad AlShahrani


Targeted university researchers:

Faculty members are the most published researchers (X-Contributors) according to the ISI classified databases with an impact factor.


Mechanism of Action:

- Direct contact is being made with faculty members and distinguished researchers who are most published at the university. Researchers that can publish papers in the ISI are ascertained, verifying any research papers that are suspended, pending, ready, or almost ready for publication and currently have no link to other funded programs or research projects at the university; thereby avoiding any conflicts or duplication of financial resources.

- An agreement is made between the general supervisor of the program and each researcher to support his/her required work to support his scientific research work within agreed duration of completion, provided that the agreement includes a declaration from the researcher (based on scientific confidence) that the research is original and has not been published before. The researchers bear full scientific and moral responsibility if proven otherwise.

- Research papers must be published in the ISI Web of Science SCIE and SSCI

- To hold workshops that enable scientific publishing increase, and to coordinate with distinguished regional and international researchers to participate in these workshops, and to establish research collaborations (The Advisory and Executive Support Project).


For inquiries and contact:

Tel: 0118242192


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