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Transfer to Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University


Dear Student: The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University welcomes you. Below, you may find everything you need to know on transfer to the university.


External Transfer:

It is a transfer between universities in different cities due to student's special circumstances.


External Transfer Criteria:

  1. Students may apply during the announced period in the academic ‎calendar. ‎
  2. The student is a Saudi national, or her mother is a Saudi national.‎
  3. The student does not have a prior record in Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.
  4. The student must provide an accepted reason for transfer.
  5. The transfer is from a public university, or an acknowledged international university, in which case the student provides a letter of acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education.
  6. ‎The applicant must not be discontinued or dismissed for disciplinary action from her university. If proven otherwise, the student's transfer will be cancelled.
  7. The desired major of transfer must match the major assigned to the student in her previous university.
  8. The student must meet the admission criteria and the required accumulative percentage set for the college she wishes to transfer to.
  9. The student must pass the major's conditions.
  10. The student has studied a minimum of two terms from her university before requesting to transfer.
  11. The student's GPA must not be less than 3.75 out of 5 or 2.75 out of 4.
  12. The number of units required for graduation of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman's university after transfer should be a minimum of 60% of the program's units.
  13. Application submission does not guarantee acceptance of transfer.
    Major's Conditions:

1-    There is an availability of seats in the department.

2-    Passing the interview for the following majors:

  • Health Colleges.
  • Early Childhood.
  • Sports Sciences.

3-    Passing the following tests:

  • Medical and physical examinations for Sports Sciences.
  • Arts Aptitude test for the College of Arts and Design.

4-    Passing English language international tests, as follows:

  • For transfer to the College of Languages: a score of 5 in IELTS, or 83 in STEP.
  • For transfer to the Computer Science and Informatics: a score of 4.5 in IELTS, or 75 in STEP.

5-    Achieve the Major Assignment criteria for programs that have preparatory programs.

6-    For transfer to the ‎College of Dentistry or Health Colleges, the student must have completed, after the preparatory year, a study of a minimum of 1 year (25 credit hours) in her university.

7-    Click here for more information on specializations in the university, or here for the admission guide.


The Required Admission Documentation for transfer applications:

  1. Completing the 'Transfer to Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University' form.
  2. An academic transcript, stamped, including course results up to the last term studied.
  3. A copy of the applicant's student id card from the previous university.
  4. A copy of the applicant's valid national id card.
  5. A copy of the applicant's high school certificate.
  6. The results of applicant's General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Academic Achievement Test.
  7. Proof of transfer reason.
  8. An electronic stamped copy of the registered courses specifications in applicant's previous university for the desired transfer term.
  9. A copy of the study plan studied in applicant's previous university.
    Application Procedure:
    Click here to view the application procedure guide.
    Procedures required after acceptance of transfer:
  1. An email is sent to the student to review and approve the credit transfer/ equivalency results.
  2. The student submits the following documents:
  1. An academic transcript, stamped, including course results up to the last term studied.‎
    1. A letter dictating the last stipends received from the previous university.
    2. A clearance letter from the previous university.
    1. The student issues a student id card from Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.
    2. The student checks with her academic advisor at the college to consult her on course registration.
    3. The student visits the stipends administration to obtain an ATM card.

      Transfer Criteria:
    1. The student must provide the required documents on time.
    2. The student shall not request a major transfer.
    3. The student shall not request a withdrawal or postponement of the transferred term.
    4.  The student can request a copy of the credit transfer/equivalency result.
    5. The student shall not request the credit transfer/equivalency of other courses after she studies one term.
    6. Payments for stipends will be initiated in transfer term after deductions, if any, of extra stipends received from the previous university.

      Credit Transfer/Equivalency after Transfer:
    • Courses studied outside the university undergo credit transfer/equivalency based on the recommendations of departments offering these courses.
    • Courses with a minimum grade of C+ transfer credit as per the following:
      • The content of the course matches 75% of the course content offered in the university.
      • The course credit hours match the credit hours of the course offered in the university.
      • Transferred credit courses are indicated in the student's academic transcript.
      • Transferred courses are given the grade (eq).
      • The GPA of the student is calculated from the first transferred term to the university.
      • Courses failed in the previous university affect the honours degree of the student.

        For inquiries, contact us at:
        Tel.: 0118243498- 0118243496 – 0118243480- 0118243449
        Location: Deanship of Admission and ‎Registration, Al-Narjis District (Airport Road), Administration Building, South Entrance (2). Parking Number (PO5)