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Visiting Scholar Program



Emanating from the mission of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University (PNU) to achieve women leadership in the field of scientific research, contribute in building a global knowledge-based economy, and to support the 2030 vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which aims at investing in the national potentialities and benefiting from the global expertise to build the future of the Kingdom, realize the sustainable development, and participate in constructing the global science and knowledge system; the Deanship of Scientific Research has launched the Visiting Scholar Program which aims at hosting a number of distinguished scholars from many prestigious universities across the world to benefit from their expertise, experience, and ideas in order to enhance the skills of PNU faculty staff and student researchers. This will help in establishing an equipped scientific environment that is capable of building collaborative partnerships and competing globally in the field of research.​​

Program Description:

The program is a collaboration between PNU and global researchers, experts, and consultants who are chosen according to previously set standards and within a certain period. It aims at promoting the competitiveness of researchers from PNU to enhance the quality of their scientific research and achieve world research excellence by assigning tasks to the visiting researcher in order to fulfill the program's objectives.

Standards of choosing the visiting scholar:​

  1. The scientific reputation and the international academic experience in the field of specialization.
  2. The affiliation to a well-known international university classified within the best 200 universities around the world according to shanghai ranking.
  3. International rewards from organizations that are recognized for their excellence in the field of specialization. 
  4. Intensive scientific publishing in classified scientific journals.
  5. Registered patents in international organizations. Such patents should be related to the scholar's field of specialization.

Visiting Scholar Tasks:

  1. To present a proposal of a research plan that includes a number of research projects in the scholar's field of specialization.
  2. To participate in the specialized research projects.
  3. To promote environments of creative ideas and transfer that into investment projects.
  4. To participate in achieving patents in advanced scientific fields.
  5. To publish in international ISI classified journals (Q1, Q2, Q3). (not less than 5 research papers)
  6. To deliver specialized scientific lectures or teach new courses.
  7. To contribute in the prominent scientific events.
  8. To contribute in developing research labs.
  9. To offer consultation services and hold specialized training courses and workshops.
  10.  To participate in conferences and seminars held in the University.


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