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English language program

The Electronic Suitcase for the Deanship of the Preparatory Year

(ENG 131 and ENG 132 Academic English Language Course:)


The electronic suitcase is considered as a general and essential reference for preparatory year students. This portfolio includes all academic information about the English language course at the Deanship of Preparatory Year.

 1)What is the English language course for the preparatory year? 

It is a course for teaching academic English for specific purposes (Eng 131) using (a customized version of Pearson-Leap 1 + 2) during the first term, and (Eng 132) using (a customized version of Pearson- Leap 2 + 3) during the second term.

The course was developed and designed entirely electronically with high quality by a highly qualified elite of the faculty members of the Deanship of the Preparatory Year at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University.

 2)How is the English language course taught?

The English language course is taught in a fully electronic online learning method relying on Blackboard's and Pearson's platforms. It is not taught in the university's classrooms. The students' electronic attendance is calculated through their attendance in online virtual classes and participation in electronic classroom discussions and activities.

3)How is the electronic course conducted?

- Live virtual lectures in which students can interact directly with the instructor and their classmates.

Recorded lectures either via the DPY YouTube channel or PowerPoint presentations.-

Classroom discussions.-

-Classroom activities

4)How is the students' academic achievement evaluated?

The students' academic achievement is evaluated through students'participation in  classroom discussions and activities and their grades in performing CAS, midterm exams and final electronic tests.

Students submit their electronic tests that are corrected automatically by Blackboard system or manually by the instructor.

 5)How can students check their results? 

*Students can find out their grades for tests, exams  and activities through the E-Learning Department on the Blackboard system.

6)How can students submit their homework?

Students can submit their electronic assignments through the E-Learning Department via the blackboard system. Instructors provide appropriate feedback for the students' work.

7)How can students check the course announcements?

English course announcements are used by the instructors to make announcements for the students about any developments in the course. Access to the English course announcements is done by the E-Learning Department via the blackboard system.

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