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College of Social Work organizes a training course entitled (The Six Hats)

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, represented by College of Social Work in partnership with the Family Education Center, has recently organized a training course entitled (The Six Hats), presented by the trainer Amal Al-Sumairi at the Family Education Center in the College's “Dialogue Café".

The course aims to learn about people's thinking and ways of thinking in each hat. Trainer Amal defined the hats as a thinking strategy where it is used when thinking about a new project, for example, or changing a process, developing a specific device, planning to build a house for the family or other business where we want our thinking to be holistic and creative at the same time. The trainer also touched on the differences between the six patterns of thinking in each hat.

 White Hat

It refers to the neutral style, the process of gathering information on the subject of thinking. Location of the project or idea, prices, quantities and costs, as well as information about the surrounding environment and conditions.

 Yellow Hat

It refers to positive thinking. When wearing the yellow hat, we think about the positive aspects of the idea, for example, how this idea increases our income or how it improves working and life conditions.

 Black Hat

It refers to pessimistic thinking when wearing it without feeling, thinking about the negative aspects of the project, the losses we can suffer and the difficulties we will face.

 Red Hat

It refers to emotional thinking and when wearing it we think about the project emotionally regardless of the logical factors and the pros and cons, and what are the emotions that motivate you to implement the project.

 Green Hat

It symbolizes creative thinking and innovation and when wearing the green hat we look for new ideas that we have never approached. For example, we think about the origin of the subject, the project. Why do not we look for a project that represents a new and pioneering idea?

 Blue Hat

It symbolizes holistic thinking, control, organization and direction and comes to verify the use of all types of thinking. Before ending the thinking process, the question arises: have we used all styles? Is there a pattern that needs more research and thinking about it? Depending on the answer to the question, the thinking process is either suspended or completed.


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