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Projects Office tasks:
1. Evaluating, controlling and following up each project (cost, achievement of goals, and achieving
university strategies).
2. Providing support and guidance to project management teams.
3. Establishing and developing a clear and understandable work plan that enables all relevant
authorities to follow the progress of work on projects in each stage.
4. Defining and managing the scope of the project's work, the average speed of work in each
stage, and collecting all the information and requirements for it.
5. Developing the project timetable, determining the activities to be implemented in each stage,
and estimating the resources needed for each stage of work.
6. Estimating the total expenses of the project from beginning to completion, with their distribution
and specifying the costs of each stage of work.
7. Determining the requirements necessary to bring the work to the required quality level.
8. Determining the human resources needed for the project, methods of providing them, and the
costs required for this part of the work.
9. Following up and supervising the project work and manage any necessary changes during the
course of work by working alongside the relevant departments that are related to those changes.​
10. Analysis, verification and management of the various operational processes to ensure that the
project is proceeding according to the outlined plan and towards the goals set during the planning.
11. Follow up on costs and expenses to ensure that they remain within the specified level and do
not exceed the budget.
12. Managing quality operations to achieve the aspirations as previously planned.

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