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Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University inaugurates academic programs in hospitality and hotel industry at the Community College
​Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University has created three qualitative programs in the Community College, namely hospitality management, the art of cooking, and facilities management. As the programs aim to prepare distinguished graduates in terms of scientific, cognitive and professional qualification in the field of hospitality and hotel through the development of the female national workforce in the field of tourism and hospitality management in order to meet the demand in this industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And to bridge the gap between supply and demand in these specializations with qualified graduates professionally, technically and administratively. As well as raising the quality of national tourism and facilities management and hospitality through the development of human resources to consolidate the localization of knowledge and skills, and to contribute to training, education and community development through the available material and human capabilities. In addition to building the capabilities of graduates to deal with various variables, developments, and attitudes in the field of specialization.

The Dean of the Community College, Dr. Munirah Al-Megren, stated that the university seeks through the college to qualify and train students through diploma programs that mainly focus on the topic. As it focuses on specific skills needed for the student, through three academic programs that have resilience, professional skills, and short study time, which will contribute significantly to meeting the need for the increasing demand of qualified citizens.

Al-Megren indicated that these programs will contribute in several functional areas, including supervisory and administrative functions and operations of the room sector operations, operations of the food and beverage production and services sectors, operations of the sector supplementing the food and beverage management, operations of hotel departments, as well as hospitals and air and sea transport companies.

The Dean of the college said that the university has signed an agreement with the National Training Center for Facilities Management and Hospitality (FHM), and the agreement requires that the Center for Understanding Labor Market Studies to provide new programs in the field of hospitality and hotel, support academic programs in the same field. As well as providing training for college students in the Hospitality and Hotels Department and providing jobs for 30% of them. Furthermore, work is underway to sign an agreement with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in the field of exchanging studies and statistics in the field of tourism and hotels, and to support female researchers and scientific research in the same field, in addition to a number of other items that serve students in the field.

Al-Megren revealed the admission requirements that the university has identified, the most important of which is that the student should have a minimum of the basics of the English language, as the language of the program is English. She also indicated that the program adopts the semester system in the study and contains 68 credit hours for the courses, including mandatory and optional academic units, and the students can complete the program in four semesters.

These programs come in line with the continuous evolutionary nature in the Community College, which comes in response to the needs of society in the professional specializations, aspiring to achieve the desired qualification and training for students to become the fuel for development desired to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030. As well as promoting the strategic goals of the university, which is to provide innovative programs that are based upon the latest scientific research and best practices related to labor market needs, leadership, and professional ethics.

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