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Development Economics

The goal of the course is to introduce the main issues of development economics.

What affects economic growth, inequality, and poverty? Why do some countries achieve high levels of economic development and others do

not? What are the policies governments can implement to change the growth path of their countries? In this course we will initially approach these questions from a “macro" perspective and later introduce a “microeconomic" view of the problems.


Topics to be Covered
List of Topics

No. of


Contact hours

Economic Development - Getting Started

- Comparative Economic Development.


Classic Theories of Economic growth and Development

- Contemporary models of development and underdevelopment

- Poverty Inequality and Development


Population Growth and Economic Development, causes, consequences and controversies

- Urbanization and Rural-Urban Migration-Theory and Policy.

- Human capital-Education and health in Economic Development


Agricultural Transformation and Rural Development

- The Environment and Development.

Development Policy making and the roles of market, state and civil society26
International trade theory and development strategy13
Balance of Payment, debt, financial crisis and stabilization policies13
Foreign finance, investment, Aid and conflict: controversies and opportunities13


Schedule of Assessment Tasks for Students During the Semester
 Assessment task (i.e., essay, test, quizzes, group project, examination, speech, oral presentation, etc.)Week DueProportion of Total Assessment
1In class Quizzes Week 5,1210%
2Group Project/Portfolio/Presentation /ParticipationOngoing, End of Semester15%

Individual assignment

Blackboard exercises submission

Ongoing, End of Semester15%
4MidtermWeek 920%
5Final Exam End of Semester40%


1. List Required Textbooks:


Todaro, M. and S. Smith (2006) Economic Development. 9th edition. Pearson.


2. List Essential References Materials (Journals, Reports, etc.)


Perkins, D., S. Radelet, and Lindauer (2006) Economics of Development,

Sixth Edition. Norton. [PRL].


Banerjee, A., R. B`enabou, and D. Mookherjee (2006) Understanding Poverty.

6th edition. Oxford University Press. [BBM, HC79.P6 U534 2006].


Ray, D. (1998) Development Economics. Princeton University Press. [HD75

.R39 1998].