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Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision

The sports centers should be a meeting place for staff, members, employees, and faculty members of this precious university campus, which includes the elite of this giving country. The sports centers shall nurture children at a high level in all respects (social, sporting, and cultural) all in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Our Mission

To nurture a generation of morally committed athletes, who are practically successful, sportive competitor, grateful to its club, and belonging to its leadership and homeland by providing the necessary financial resources to support our sports, social, educational, and psychological programs, qualifying human resources technically and administratively, developing the administrative aspects of the club and achieving a distinguished community partnership.

Our Values and our Faith

Commitment – Success – Gratitude – Cooperation

Giving – Competition – Belonging


Our Goals

1.    Achieve ethical and behavioral commitment at the level of the members of the sports club at the university.

2.    Create a community partnership with other sports, economic, social, educational and media institutions.

3.    Develop the administrative environment and working methods (e-management).

4.    Develop infrastructure (football pitch that is naturally cultivated).

5.    Develop the technical and administrative skills of the club's staff, including coaches, players and executives.

6.    Achieve financial self-sufficiency for the regular club expenses.

7.    Participate in social, national and sports events at the level of the Kingdom.


Strategic Objectives of the Sports and Recreational Center

1.    Encourage members to subscribe and participate in sports and recreational activities at the Center.

2.    Raise the level of physical fitness of members through various training programs.

3.    Perform sports activity regularly and continuously to prevent many diseases, including obesity.

4.    Encourage children to exercise sports to prevent diseases.

5.    Build good social relations between members through sports and recreational activities, as well as social celebrations and various festivals.

6.    Help members benefit from all sections of the sports center of sauna – steam – swimming pool – football – squash – tennis – basketball – volleyball – etc.

7.    Train members on the basic skills of each game and provide an overview of the rules of games so that members can practice various games correctly and Interestingly

Encourage members to invest their leisure time in the exercise of sports activity.

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