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General Brief

​​​​​​​The internship course is one of the requirements for the completion of the bachelor's degree in the College of Computer and Information Sciences in its three departments​:

- Computer Sciences

- Information Systems

- Information Technology

  • It helps the student to go into the work environment and practice what she has learned. This process gives the student useful experience for the future. The center of the internship process is the student. Furthermore, department internship coordinator, faculty supervisor, site supervisor, and college internship unit also participate in the internship process.
  • The internship is a joint venture between PNU and employers to better prepare students for employment upon graduation. The training must constitute a link between theoretical and scientific academic background and the work environment to provide a better understanding and a clear view of the real-world experiences. It also provides students with complementary knowledge and training such as confronting real world issues and working as part of a team.


Internship committee responsibilities:

- Supervise the internship process at the college level.

- Communicate with the institutions that provide internship opportunities.

- Prepare the list of students who meet enrollment requirements.

- Follow-up on student admission and joining the training institutions.

- Follow-up with the academic supervisors on the student internship conditions.

- Update the internship guidebook and forms.

- Organize meetings with students, in collaboration with internship coordinators, to explain the internship process.

- Prepare and publish announcements related to internship.

- Approve the student's internship plan and ensure its suitability for the internship institution. 

EmailInternship CoordinatorsExtension
IT Department Internship Coordinator

Ms. Razan I AlAqeel, Dr.Hanen Moh Karamti, and

Ms. Riham Abd AlSmari

CS Department Internship Coordinator

IS Department Internship Coordinator

        Ms. Sarah A. ALFAWAZ
Internship committee coordinator

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