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General Brief


​​​​​​The internship course is one of the requirements for the completion of the bachelor's degree in the College of Computer and Information Sciences in its three departments​:

DepartmentCourse codePre-requisite courses
Information TechnologyIT 437T

Information security,

Fundamental of Computer Networks.

Information SystemsIs453T

Project management,

Information systems analysis and design,

Database management.

Computer ScienceCs489T

Software engineering,

Project management.

  • - The internship is 4 credit-hour course and is taken by those students who have completed at least 90 credit hours and the specific pre-requisite courses based on their department as shown in the above table. 
  • - The student has to complete at least of 120 hours in this course. This course is an opportunity for the student to apply what she has learned in one of the organizations, companies, governmental or private bodies.
  • - It helps the student to go into the work environment and practice what she has learned. This process gives the student useful experience for the future. The center of the internship process is the student.
  • - Furthermore, department internship coordinator, faculty supervisor, site supervisor, and college internship unit also participate in the internship process.
  • - The internship is a joint venture between PNU and employers to better prepare students for employment upon graduation. The training must constitute a link between theoretical and scientific academic background and the work environment to provide a better understanding and a clear view of the real-world experiences. It also provides students with complementary knowledge and training such as confronting real world issues and working as part of a team.


  • Participants in the internship process

The Internship process involves five Participants:

  1. - The Trainee
  2. - Department Internship Coordinator.
  3. - Faculty Supervisor.
  4. - Site Supervisor.
  5. - Internship Unit in the College of Computer and Information Sciences.
  • College Training Unit

The Training Unit in CCIS is responsible for supervising the training process in an optimal manner and ensuring the quality of the resulting outputs.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Training Unit at CCIS

  1. - Supervising the organization of the Internship training process at the college level, and contacting the training bodies from the officially email.
  2. - Approve reports, profiles, and training reports submitted by departments.
  3. - Hold periodic meetings with training coordinators in the departments to learn about the latest training developments.
  4. - Coordination and announcement meetings with trainee students during the semester following the separation of training.
  5. - Provide information and forms of the training bodies, faculty supervisors, site supervisors, and the trainees to all the concerned parties to ensure easy communication in the training process.
  6. - Communicate regularly with the coordinators and provide them with the information received by the unit regarding field training
  7. Responding to the students' inquiries, the unit reviews and communicate with the coordinators if necessary.

  • Evaluation Criteria

The following table shows the student evaluation criteria and the corresponding weight for each criterion:

Biweekly report10%
Faculty Supervisor evaluation40%
Site Supervisor evaluation10%
Final report10%
Achievement Portfolio20%
Oral presentation10%


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