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Vice-Rectorate of Academic Accreditation

The Vice-Rectorate is working on the preparation and follows-up of the essential plans for both national and international institutional and program academic accreditation throughout University colleges, by providing support and assistance to all University units. The Vice-Rectorate is also working on the ongoing implementation and development of the Quality Management System PNU-QMS.

Tasks of the Vice-Rectora​te of Academic Accreditation: 

  1. Organizing and following up on the University plans concerning academic accreditation. 

  2. Offering technical supervision and logistical support in all quality units at the University. 

  3. Continuously contacting the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment regarding institutional and program accreditation. 

  4. Fulfilling the academic accreditation requirements according to the requirements of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment of academic programs. 

  5. Following up on the activation of the Quality Management System PNU-QMS in all colleges. 

  6. Training the academic staff on the requirements of quality and academic accreditation and determining their training needs and presenting the proposed mechanisms for qualifying for accreditation. 

  7. Setting mechanisms to employ electronic technologies and automate their operations.

 Program Accreditation Department Tasks:

  1. Making time-line plans for educational programs to start the application process for national and international academic accreditations. 

  2. Offering the essential support for educational programs to achieve national and international accreditation. 

  3. Overseeing the review and assessment mechanisms for educational programs. 

  4. Organizing supporting forms for program academic accreditation. 

  5. Preparing follow-up reports on the progress of the program academic accreditation.

Institution Accreditation Department Tasks:

  1. Preparing plans to follow up on institutional accreditation recommendations. 

  2. Writing reports on the progress of the institutional academic accreditation. 

  3. Submitting periodic follow-up reports to the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment. 

  4. Overseeing of the institutional accreditation renewal procedures.


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