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Vice-Rectorate of Quality Assurance

The Vice-Rectorate of Quality Assurance is concerned with promoting the best quality practices and ensuring their implementation at the University level through the following objectives:

  1. Spreading a culture of quality between the educational, administrative employees, and students.

  2. Enabling all University employees to successfully apply quality assurance measures.

  3. Setting plans to measure, train and evaluate the academic performance of institutional and program accreditation by activating questionnaires and measuring performance indicators.

  4. Activating an electronic system that automates quality processes at the University level.

Vice-Rectorate of Quality AssuranceTasks:

  1. Preparing plans for the dissemination and promotion of a culture of quality and its implementation and follow-up throughout the University.

  2. Offering expert training in quality and all its applications. 

  3. Activating of quality events.

  4. Controlling the evaluation, measuring and assessment processes of different quality indicators at the institutional and program levels.

  5. Setting plans to activate questionnaires in order to evaluate the University services, and provide the results to the responsible units to prepare improvement and development plans and close the quality loop.

  6. Submitting annual reports to the University administration that support decisions made regarding the quality of the educational process.

Quality Support Management:

This unit seeks to plan and set goals that are concerned with spreading the culture of quality, offering support to the different quality units, and building equal expertise in the field of quality and training.


1. Raising awareness throughout the University on the importance of quality and its applications.

2.Enhancing quality applications and enabling University staff to using them.


  1. Following up on the plan to activate the culture of quality in colleges and supervise its implementation.

  2. Preparing handbooks, brochures and digital media to raise awareness of the importance of quality.

  3. Efficient cooperation with external agencies specialized in the organization of quality training courses and workshops.

  4. Preparing and conducting internal courses and workshops in coordination with the University's quality experts.

  5. Participating in community and global events.

  6. Automation of training processes within the Department through the activation of Blackboard.

  7. Preparing annual reports on training and enabling quality applications.

Measuring and Assessment Management:

This unit’s main goal is to measure, assess, and follow up the achievement of institution and program accreditation performance indicators and to ensure that quality standards are met through the activation and monitoring of surveys and questionnaires.


  1. Launching and tracking the Eight Quality Surveys during the academic year.

  2. Measuring institution and program quality assurance indicators during the academic year.


  1. Encouraging colleges in all quality processes regarding the evaluation and assessment of educational programs.

  2. Measuring the satisfaction of stakeholders with University services, and they include members of the educational or administrative staff or students.

  3. Identifying institutional performance indicators, building their benchmarks and analyzing their data.

  4. Preparing annual reports on quality indicators’ survey results.

  5. Automation of the processes within the University for quality control through the electronic quality management system.