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Dean's Message


I am honored to welcome you to the College of Languages Website at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. Our mission is for the university to become a beacon of knowledge and values for women and to contribute through its educational leadership and scientific research to build a knowledge economy through community, regional and global partnerships.


The College of Languages' vision is to reach excellence in the field of foreign living languages and their linguistic, literary, and translation specializations. The college is keen to carry out its mission to prepare qualified female cadres educationally and professionally and to empower them with essential skills to compete in the labor market. Moreover, the College of Languages promotes scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community service in languages, translation, and literature disciplines by establishing high-quality academic programs that follow adequate national and global standards.


Our dear homeland - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - is the “qiblah" of more than a billion Muslims who speak several languages. It is the gate of the world and the center of three continents, which makes the College of Languages bear a greater responsibility.


The College of Languages seeks to fulfill the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, in line with our leadership perspectives, through competitive contribution to the national development process in language sciences, translation, and literature. We also aim to achieve a thriving educational and training environment that benefits the community and keeps pace with prospects and the national vision. Our objective is to meet the needs of the labor market by providing highly qualified specialists with the spirit of citizenship, professional ethics, leadership, and responsibility.


We intend to enhance strategic partnerships with cognitive and societal impacts. These partnerships are put into work through academic, research, and advisory programs and initiatives that sustain cultural communication requirements with other countries. In addition, the college will motivate scientific research, interdisciplinary research studies, innovation, and entrepreneurship initiatives that follow international standards. We will also enable institutional empowerment to achieve sustainability and optimal investment of the college's resources.


I ask God to grant us success, direct our path, and fulfill our hopes.



Dean of College of Languages

Dr. Hala Jamal Al Shahrani​