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Academic Advising

​Academic advising

Academic advising is a significant part of the teaching process, as it is considered important in the student's career journey.

Academic advisor

Each department will be divided into groups of students along with their academic advisor. The academic advisor is a faculty member of the department who will undertake the tasks of guiding the students and directing them to choose the courses that suit their abilities and aptitudes as per their major.

• The role of the academic advisor has a wide scope that extends from the enrolment of students in the program until their graduation and the advisor's task are not limited to guiding the student during the registration period only, but also extends to follow up the students' study progress to the extent of their academic accomplishments.

• The academic advisor also assists students when they are facing difficulties related to their specializations, by identifying the causes of the problem and proposing appropriate solutions to solve their problems.

Who are Academic Advising Friends?

The Academic Advising friends in the Business Administration college are students from شمم departments of the College, who assist students with the academic issues confront by them, and assist the Academic Advisors in accomplishing some academic advising tasks.

All academic advising friends are aware of academic advising matters, whether matters related to necessary courses, leaves, schedule week process, postponement or withdraw.

Student responsibilities in academic advising

1-The student is considered responsible for communicating and meeting their academic advisor regarding academic advising at the beginning of the semester, as well as before the period of early registration, deletion and addition. It will be the duty of the academic advisor to assist students in preparing the schedule, and choosing the appropriate courses according to the study plan.

2- The student must review and understand the university regulations, as well as the study plan and all the academic program requirements.

3- The student should follow the study plan and get themselves registered in the courses according to the levels specified to ensure that all requirements are completed on time.

4-The student should consult the academic advisor, and develop an alternative study plan, if any circumstance arises (such as failure in a course, withdrawal, postponement, change of major) to ensure that all graduation requirements are completed.

5- The student must make sure that she has an academic advisor, and the name of the advisor is registered in the academic system, and if this is not achieved, the student must see the Academic Advising Coordinator in the department.

College of Academic Advising Unit

This unit will be responsible for supervising the academic advising process in the college.


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