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​​​ Business Administration club

 Club message:

Preparing administrative, scientific and cultural programs and activities that allow female students to discover their capabilities and build relationships inside and outside the university, which leads to the development and development of students' talents.

 Vision of the club:

  Preparing generations with distinguished experiences in the field of business administration to achieve the highest levels of management, creativity, participation and social development, and this diversity makes our society stronger and more vibrant.

 Club goals:

-  Discovering student talents and nurturing talented students- Creating an appropriate environment for female students to develop their capabilities and skills, exchange experiences between them, and work to encourage and honor them.

- Spending spare time with meaningful and useful programs.

- Preparing the university student to face the career after graduation

  Accounting Club


Our vision is to promote interest in the accounting profession, and to develop innovation and collaborative knowledge in accounting for female college students

 The message

Our mission is to expand the perceptions of female accounting students and educate them about the various accounting topics and career paths available to accountants, by linking them with professors and guests from the labor market, and these activities vary from holding courses, campaigns, forums, trips.

The club consists of four different committees

Cultural Committee - Public Relations Committee

Organizing Committee - Media Committee

 The objectives

In line with the vision and mission, the goals of Princess Noura University's Accounting Club are

Provide a welcoming environment for all students interested in the accounting department

 Increase understanding and appreciation of the accounting major

Highlight the most prominent achievements of this club

Continuing to improve awareness of the diversity of accounting functions and areas and the changes related to the accounting profession Providing opportunities for female members to interact with other female accountancy students, faculty members, and leaders in the business community.

 Entrepreneurship Club

 vision :

Becoming the lead of universities'clubs in Saudi Arabia and to encourage entrepreneurially minded students to start new ventures.


 who are we:

We are the new generation of young Saudi entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing connecting, and sharing ideas. Our aim is to motivate students,to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit through a series of innovative and creative activities bringing together people, knowledge and resources.


 The objectives:

Build strong networking and relationships among young entrepreneurs.

Build a database for all students with an interest on entrepreneurship in PNU.

Serve as a bridge for all students and real-world resources.

Connect students not only within PNU, but also in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.

The message:

 Developing the creative and entrepreneurial thinking of Princess Noura University students and settling it in order to develop a society in line with  Vision 2030.


Riyaly Economic Club

 vision :

To introduce community members to financial planning and management to fulfill their personal financial responsibilities. Focusing on financial concepts such as planning, budgeting, saving, investing, and borrowing. In order to empower them with the personal financial skills necessary to achieve a desirable standard of living.​

 The objectives:​

  • -Raise awareness and amplifying the positive change in youth behavior towards financial responsibility.
  • -Providing online programs on multiple e-learning platforms.
  • -Increasing the number of startups in Saudi Arabia.
  • -Raising informed generations and prepare knowledgeable economic leaders in the field business. 

Contact Us:

Rahaf Alshafi (club president) : 0530116083

Contact Us:

Leader of the Management Club: Noura Al-Essa
Leader of the Entrepreneurship Club: Sabah Al-Qahtani
Leader of the Accounting Club: Latifa Al Ghadeer
Leader of Realy Economic Club: Rahaf Al-Shafi
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