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speech of Department's Head

Praise be to Allah who taught by the pen, and bestowed the grace of reason upon man, and may Allah bless his Prophet, the best of humankind.

Physicists have enjoyed a distinguished reputation throughout the ages, thanks to the importance of this science in explaining natural phenomena and harnessing them to serve humanity. This is what our true religion commanded us to build the earth, meditate on Allah's creation and consider the wonders of the universe around us. The development and progress of physics is directly determined the possibility of the development of various modern sciences, starting with the smallest components of matter and the energy it contains, passing through medical, engineering and technical applications, and many more, and ending with space and astronomy research.

The Department of Physics at the College of Science shall seek to contribute to achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030 through the vision and mission of the department, which stems from the vision and mission of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, which is a beacon of women's knowledge and values. To achieve the university's goals, the department shall provide distinguished quality programs to meet the needs of the labor market.

The Department of Physics is proud of the presence of a constellation of human cadres of faculty members who are pioneering women in their various specializations, who work honestly and honestly to provide what they have of knowledge and experience and through effective teaching strategies to provide students with knowledge and skills at the best level of quality. This is to enable women to make their mark in the development of the country at the local level in the service of society, and at the global level in the field of scientific research and innovation.

In addition to the administrative and technical staff in the department, who are happy to provide support and assistance to our students relentlessly.

We look forward to our dear female students - and we are confident in their abilities - to be among the distinguished graduates of our dear department, who contribute to building their society and achieving the pride and prosperity of our dear country.

​Dr.Jamila Safar Alzahrani.        

Head of Department of physics.