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Brief About Department

General Objective

It aims at storing and maintaining different materials and equipment in addition to the required stationery and office tools. Also, it seeks to fulfilling the needs of the various departments of the stored items based on certain rules.


   Main Tasks

  1. 1.Preparing five-year and annual plans of the department activities in addition to following up on their implementation after their approval.
  2. 2.Determining the university's needs of the required materials, equipment, stationery and office tools.
  3. 3.Ensuring the provision of the necessary materials on time, in the specified quantity and the required type. This can be achieved through cooperation and coordination with the concerned departments.
  4. 4.Organizing, storing and retrieving various materials and supplies in warehouses on sound scientific basis.
  5. 5زMaintaining the stock and protecting it from damage and loss.
  6. 6زDisbursing the requests of the different administrations and departments of the stored items according to the approved disbursement orders which are based on certain rules.
  7. 7.Accepting the return and preserving it until it is used according to the rules.
  8. 8.Preparing periodic statements about the movement of stocks in warehouses, then, submitting them to the general director of administrative and financial affairs.
  9. 9.Organizing and keeping the files, documents, notes, reports, and cards necessary for the warehouses work based on certain rules.
  10. 10.Providing the necessary facilities for the sudden and annual inventory committees of warehouses as well as preparing official statements and reports in order to be submitted to the general director of administrative and financial affairs.
  11. 11.Presenting appropriate proposals to develop the warehouses work to protect the stock and to simplify the exchange and storage procedures. 
  12. 12.Identifying the needs in terms of labor force, equipment, and materials as well as following up on their implementation.
  13. 13.Determining the training needs of the general department for programs nomination that fulfill those needs.
  14. 14.Preparing periodic reports on the department's activities, achievements, and proposals for development. Also, submitting them to the general director of administrative and financial affairs.
  15. 15.Performing any other tasks assigned to it within its sphere of specialization.