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​1-   Different types of Hotels

First: Room pision Operations including:

1-1 Front Office Management, which includes:

·        Reception.

·        Reservation.

·        Information.

·        Business Center.

·        Front Office Cashier, he is administratively under the financial affairs department.

·        Guest Relations.

·        Housekeeping Department.

Second: Operations of the food and beverage production and services sectors, which include:

2-1 Production Sector and supervision of the kitchen in its three departments:

·        Hot Kitchen.

·        Cold Kitchen.

·        Pastry and Bakery.

2-2 Service Sector that includes:

·        Different Types of Restaurants.

·        Banquets.

·        Conference Rooms.

·        Room service.

·        Swimming Pools.

·        Coffee Shop.

·        Outdoor Catering.

Third: Operations of the food and beverage management complementary sector, which includes:

·        Purchasing, Receiving, Storing and catering of Food and beverages.

·        Food and Beverage Cost Control.

Fourth: Operations of the following hotel departments:

·        Public Relation Dept.

·        Marketing Dept.

·        Accounting Dept.

·        Purchasing Dept.

·        Human Resources Dept.

·        Leisure and Entertainment Dept.

2-   Hospitals:

·        Kitchen.

·        Mass catering unit.

·        Room Service.

·        Housekeeping.

·        Staff cafeteria.

·        Guest cafeteria.

·        Dietary unit.

·        Reception.

·        Guest relations.

3-   Air and sea transportation companies:

·        Airport supply units (preparation, processing, cooking, and service).

·        Cafeteria of airports and seaports staff.

·        Airport cafeteria and seaports.

·        Air and sea hospitality service.

4-   Other Fields:

·        Social and sports clubs.

·        Camps.

·        University students’ dormitory.

·        Clubs, academies and military colleges.

·        Guest houses in various civil and non-civil sectors.

·        Oil and mining companies and textile companies.

·        Consulting firms in the hospitality sectors.

·        Vocational training centers for the hospitality sector.

·        Working as assistant teaching staff in tourism and hotels colleges and institutes.

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