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The vision of the Community College at PNU is to excel at local and international levels in providing high quality programs that are compatible with the labor market and community service. Its mission is to pioneer in providing the best educational, qualifying and professional programs for high school graduates. We aim to provide them with the required knowledge, skills, behaviors and values in order for them to cope with rapid economic, technical and cognitive changes. The college has always been committed to achieving the utmost compatibility between the skills of its graduates and the requirements of the labor market. In order to achieve this goal, the college has included field training in its study plan. The aim is to achieve integration between the theoretical information gained by students at the College and real-life labor market experience. Field training also helps students discover their capabilities, potentials and weaknesses. This training is not only of importance to the students, but also to the college by providing feedback about the level of its graduates and the effectiveness of its study plans. This in turn helps the college update and revise their curricula in response to the labor market.

 Field Training Mission:

The mission of field training is to develop the skills of its graduates in order to ensure their rapid engagement in the labor market.​