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About the Program



The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology grants the following degrees:

  1. 1- Diploma in Computer Science - Programming.
  2. 2- Diploma in Computer Science - Web Design.
  3. 3- Diploma in Computer Science - Information Technology.


The expected period to complete the program and obtain a diploma

The student graduates two years after her first enrollment and will have studied four semesters with an average of 64 hours divided as follows:

  •   - The First level: 17 hours.
  •   - The Second level: 17 hours.
  •   - The Third level: 18 hours.
  •   - The Fourth level: 12 hours.


The tasks undertaken by the graduate:

    1. 1- Apply the theoretical and practical basis for the fields of computer and mathematics related to computer science.
    2. 2- Analyze the problem, identify and define the requirements of appropriate computing solutions.
    3. 3- Work effectively in teams to achieve a common objective.
    4. 4- Understand ethical, professional and social issues and responsibilities.
    5. 5- Communicate effectively with specific groups of beneficiaries.
    6. 6- Participate in continuous professional development.
    7. 7- Use available technologies, skills, and tools for computing practices.