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​​​Welcome to the website of the College of Pharmacy at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University, which was established following the issuance of the Supreme Decree on 9/27-1428 AH as the first health college in the university. Since then, the college was dedicated to graduate qualified pharmacists who are able to compete locally and internationally in accordance with the highest scientific and professional standards, so they can contribute in serving the society.
In line with the university’s vision, the College of Pharmacy seeks to provide accredited academic programs with the aim of raising the quality of educational outcomes to be a competitive college at the local and international levels.
 The college includes two academic departments, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department and Pharmacy Practice Department, who contribute to enriching the Doctor of Pharmacy program by teaching basic and specialized courses. The college also provides students with the opportunity of field and clinical training in hospitals and various pharmaceutical sectors through concluding local and international agreements and partnerships, with the aim of graduating trained pharmacists capable of achieving leadership in their field.
Believing in the importance of practical research and its role in community development, the College of Pharmacy seeks to create a supportive academic environment and encourage distinguished faculty members and students to contribute to research and innovation to ensure scientific and professional excellence.
College’s vice deanships and administrations
1)Vice Deanship of Quality and Development:
Vice deanship of Quality and development is one of the main pillars that combine its efforts with the efforts of other vice deanships in order to achieve the college’s mission and the goals of the presented program. It seeks to implement the best quality standards and academic accreditation in the educational and administrative fields, in cooperation of all the college members and students.
Subordinate Units:

1- Administrative Quality Assurance Unit

2- Assessment and Evaluation Unit

3-Academic Accreditation Unit

Contact information:
Ext:     39349
2)Vice Deanship of Educational Affairs: The College Vice Deanship of Educational Affairs aims to achieve the mission and goals of the College in the field of education , as it is responsible for developing educational and training plans and programs in accordance with the highest scientific and professional standards. It also monitors the progress of the educational process and supervises the tasks related to implementing the educational rules and regulations within the programs inn pursuit of developing educational programs and achieving excellence in learning and education.
Subordinate Units:

1- Registration and schedules unit

2-Examinations unit

3-Academic advising unit

4-Labs and simulation unit

5-Teaching technologies unit

6-Development unit

Contact information:
Ext: 39663
3)Vice Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research: 
Vice deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research work in all means to support faculty members and students in enriching the higher academic content and scientific research to achieve the mission and goals of the college. The vice deanship work in cooperation with graduate study and scientific research deanships.
 Subordinate units:

1-Scholarships Unit

2-Library Unit

3-College of Pharmacy Research Center

Contact information:
Ext: 39306​​
4) Student and Community Services Agency
The College Agency for Student and Community Services aims to prepare a stimulating environment for students by providing services , supporting them in regards of cultural and social aspects, and providing psychological support and intellectual awareness to ensure student stability during her academic studies.
 The Agency is also responsible about developing community responsibility among the college’s members, including students, faculty, and administrative members, through pre -scheduled annual programs and activities aimed at raising awareness about the importance of the specialized community services.
Subordinate Units:
1-Student Activities Unit
2-Community Service Unit
3-Student Support Unit
4-Graduates Unit
5-Psychosocial Counseling Unit
Contact information:
Ext: 39308