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Graduate’s Unit
The College's graduates Unit represents a strong and effective linking point between the College of Pharmacy and its graduates. This is based on the college’s belief of the importance of communication with graduates to participate in improving the level of performance and educational services provided and ensuring the quality of education in accordance with the requirements of the labor market for the aim of achieving the college’s mission and strategic goals.

Services provided by the unit:
-          Create annual databases of the graduates
-          Create annual recruitment databases
-          Inform graduates about specialized course, and career counseling and career support programs
-          Announcing jobs for graduates and facilitating communication with employers
-          Preparing and updating the graduate's manual
-          Organizing the annual graduate’s forum
-          Participate in organizing the annual graduation ceremony
-          Increasing the graduates participating in the college’s specialized and community activities and events. 

Fields of employment for Pharm D program graduates:
-          Hospitals and health centers of the Ministry of Health or military hospitals / university hospitals / medical cities.
-          Legislative and regulatory authorities such as the Food and Drug General Authority.
-          Academic field.
-          Research centers
-          Scientific offices of global and regional pharmaceutical companies
-          Field of pharmaceutical manufacturing
-          Community pharmacies
-          Medical insurance companies

Graduates unit plan for the academic yea 2020/2021:
-          Saudi pharmacist license examination course for graduates "SPLE"
-          How to analyze disease states course
-          Choosing scientific references in the pharmacy field workshop
-          "career options in the fields of pharmacy and introducing the SUBUL platform" workshop
-          Professional ethics and behavior workshop
Statistics of the graduates of the College of Pharmacy

Contact information:
Unit Head: Mrs Abeer Almutairi
E. mail: