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1.    Prepare the five-year and annual plan for University’s Vice-Rectorate of Development, Quality and follow-up its application after approval.

2.       Oversee development of plans and deanships’ programs and the departments associated with the vice-rectorate as well as following up their implementation after approval.

3.       Propose regulations and instructions relative to development, quality and follow-up their application after approval.

4.       Oversee deanships as well as the departments associated with the vice-rectorate.

5.       Supervise preparation of vice-rectorate’s annual report.

6.       Supervise preparation of university’s statistical summary.

7.    Oversee preparation of achievements of the Vice-Rectorate of Development and Quality.

8.       Coordinate between various deanships and the departments associated with the Vice-Rectorate to ensure their integration and make the best use of the available capabilities. 

9.       Coordinate with university vice-rectorates, colleges and all relative departments regarding the application of the activities relative to development of university's academic, administrative and technical performance as well as achieving the required standards of quality.

10.   Coordinate with university vice-rectorates, colleges and all relative departments in all matters relative to developing skills of the faculty members and the administrative staff within the university.

11.   Communicate and coordinate with the Academic Accreditation Commission in all matters relative to development, quality and academic accreditation.

12.   Communicate with local, social and international bodies and institutions to benefit from their experiences in development and quality at the university.

13.   Discuss the findings of the application of quality standards and academic accreditation with vice-rectorates and colleges of the university to verify the application of the standards in an appropriate manner.

14.   Represent the University in local, regional and international conferences, seminars and committees relative to academic development and quality.

15.   Identify vice-rectorate’s needs of manpower, equipment, materials and follow-up their provision.

16.   Identify training needs of Vice-rectorate’s staff and coordinate with Deanship of Development and Skills Development regarding nomination for programs that meet such needs.

17.   Prepare periodic reports on activities of the vice-rectorate, its achievements and proposals for development and reporting to Rector of the University.

18.   Perform any other tasks assigned which lies within its area of competence.

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