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​1.   Updating the strategic plan of the university in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 in coordination with all parties and ensuring proper
2.   Establishing standards and indicators to measure academic and administrative performance while simultaneously monitoring and
assisting with their implementation.
3.  Preparing a comprehensive manual for the organizational structures, tasks and specializations of the university's academic and
administrative units.
4.   Reinforcing efforts to raise the university's global placement and ranking.  
5.     Promoting a culture of development, quality and excellence in institutional performance while reinforcing core principles and
practices at the academic, research and administrative levels.
6.   Developing training procedures for university employees, including members of the educational and administrative staffs, and
supervising the quality of all training practices.
7.  Raising the quality of teaching and learning by providing professional support to faculty members while promoting continuous self-
development and improvement of the university’s educational outcomes.
8. Developing standards, foundations, methodologies of the comprehensive quality system, and following up on their implementation at
all university facilities.
9.  Contacting relevant departments to ensure the governance of all procedures, including following up on implementation, measuring
performance metrics and evaluating results.
10.  Launching development initiatives in line with the strategic objectives of the university while providing oversight of
implementation and results.

Main Elements of University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality

11.  Supporting decision-making procedures for all university departments by providing information and statistical data.  
12.  Establishing policies, procedures, and systems for archiving the university’s documents.
13.   Preparing the university’s annual report, in cooperation with relevant entities.