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Transfer to Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University

Dear Student: The Dean of Admissions and Registration at Princess Noura Bint AbdulRahman University welcomes you. This is an illustration of everything related to the transfer to the university.

External Transfer :
It is an academic movement that the student undertakes to transfer her studies from the university in which she is enrolled to another university outside her area due to the circumstances she has been exposed to. 

General Controls for External Transfer :
1. The application must be submitted within the specified period for submitting transfer applications announced in the university calendar through the Academic Services Portal .
2.  The student shall be a Saudi National or from a Saudi mother .
3. The student should not have a previous record in Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University .
4. There is an acceptable reason for transfer .
5. The transfer should be from an academically recognized university in the Ministry of Education. A letter of recognition from the Ministry of Education  for foreign universities  must be attached.
6. The student should not be suspended from her study, or academically or disciplinarily dismissed at her university, and if it is clear after the transfer of the student that she was previously dismissed, her registration will be canceled from the date of acceptance of her transfer to the university.
7. The transfer application must be on the same specialization (program) she is enrolled in at her university.
8. To fulfill the admission requirements and the required percentage upon which admission to the major or foundation year of the college you wish to transfer to (according to the admission criteria for new students).
9. To pass the requirements for specialization announced on the deanship of admission and registration page .
10. The student must have studied at least two semesters at her university.
11. The Cumulative Grade  should not be less than (3.75) out of (5) or (2.75) out of (4) . 
12. The number of the academic units that the transferred student is required to study at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University should not be less than 60% of the number of the required academic units to obtain a bachelor's degree from the university .
13. Submission of the application dose not mean acceptance, and the response will be after being examined by the competent authorities .

Specialization Requirements : 
1. Availability of seats in the majors.
2. Pass the personal interview to transfer to:
•Health specialties
•Early Childhood
•Physical Sports Sciences
3. Pass the following tests:
•Physical fitness and medical examination for transfer to physical sport sciences .
•The artistic abilities test (mawhiba) to transfer to College of Art and Design after passing a talent test .
4. Obtaining a certificate in English with a grade of no less than:
•(5) In the IELTS Academic test or its equivalent (83) in the STEP test for transfer to the College of Languages. 
•(4.5) In the IELTS Academic test or its equivalent (75) in the STEP test for transfer to the College of Languages. 
5.  Achieving the required rate / standard on which the specialization was based after the foundation year - for colleges that have a foundation year - in the specialization to be transferred.
6. The student should study a full year in the College of Medicine and the College of Dentistry after finishing their preparatory program and should have registered 24 or more academic units in specialized subjects for both colleges.

7. For more information about Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University specializations, check the specializations guide at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University on the university's website .

Required documents for Transfer Application:
1.  Fill in the transfer application with complete and required data PNU Transfer Application Form
2.  Certified and sealed academic record including the student's last registered semester.
3. A photocopy of her university ID card (of her university) and the original ID card‎ for verification
4.  A photocopy of her (valid) national ID and the original ID‎ for verification.
5.  A copy of the high school diploma
6. Result of aptitude and attainment test . 
7.  Prove the reason for the transfer    
8.  A stamped electronic copy of the descriptions of the courses that you have passed and that are registered for in the application semester.
9. The study plan that the student studied at her university .

How to apply​ :
Click Here​

 the Procedures after accepting the transfer:
1- An e-mail arrives for the student to review and approve the equation within 3 working days.        
2- The student brings the following documents 
A- The original high school diploma for conformity.
B- A recent certified copy of her academic record containing the result of the semester in which she applied for transfer.
3-The student extracts a special university card at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University.
4-The student reviews her academic advisor (at the college) to register the appropriate courses for her.
5-The student reviews the rewarding department to obtain a bank card.

Regulations for female students who transfer from outside the university:
1- The student is obligated to bring the required documents on time        
 2-The student is not allowed to change major  
3- A student is not allowed to apologize or postpone in the first semester of admission    
4- The student has the right to take a copy of the equivalency document after being approved.
5- The student is not allowed  to claim the equivalence of other courses after one semester has passed.
6-The reward is disbursed starting from the semester in which you are studying at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University.

Equivalence of courses after accepting the transfer:
-Equivalence of courses taken by the student outside Princess Noura University is based on the recommendations of the departments that offer these courses.
The equation of a course whose score is not less than Good (C +) is calculated, provided:-
Content match by not less than 75%.-
Match the hours.-
The transferred student’s academic record shall record the equivalent courses.-   
- A grade (with) (eq) is recorded in the student’s academic record (meaning: equivalency for a course from outside the university).
- The calculation of the average of the transferred student from outside the university starts from the average of the first semester she studies at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University.
-A female student who has failed her university from which she transferred is calculated when calculating the honor ranks

For enquiry and Communication:
Tel.: 0118243498  ،  0118243496  ، 0118243480 ​  ، 0118243449 
Address: Deanship of Admission and ‎Registration, Al-Narjis District (Airport Road), Administration Building, South Entrance (2). Parking No. (PO5) ​