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To graduate female cadres in the field of physical therapy through an environment that motivates learning and scientific research to meet the labor market requirements and enhance community service


1- Provide the labor market with highly qualified candidate with scientific and practical skills in accordance with occupational standards within the physical therapy discipline
2- Contribute to the development in the physical therapy profession
3-Actively participate in community services and development and in promoting physical therapy awareness.  
4- Contribute in conducting scientific research activities in field of physical therapy

 Programsacademic degreeyears of study
Physiotherapy DoctorBachelor5​ years + 1 year of internship
Occupational Therapy


4 years + 1 year of internship
​Respiratory Care 
4 years + 1 year of intern​ship

Acceptance criteria:

According to the terms and conditions for allocation announced on the page of the Deanship of Admission and Registration To enter the page, click here

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