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Funded Research Projects


Ongoing research projects of the College of Pharmacy Research Center ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Project TitleThe researcherDepartmentSpecialtyField of research
1Exploring the effect of using different educational tools by pharmacists in anticoagulant clinics: a cross-sectional study in Saudi hospitals with long-term follow-upProf. Sireen ShilbayehPharmacy practiceClinical pharmacyClinical
2Chemical preparation and biological evaluation of new CDK9 inhibitors for prostate cancer treatmentDr. Najla Al-TwaijryPharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceutical chemistryDevelopment of cancer drugs
3Design and manufacture of theanopyrimidine derivatives with inhibiting activity on FLT3 receptorsDr. Elshaymaa El-MonagyPharmaceutical SciencesMedicinal chemistryPharmaceutical design and manufacture
4Design, construction and biological evaluation of novel pyridine and pyrazoline derivatives as anticancer and apoptotic inducersDr. Om Kulthom Al-KamaliPharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceutical chemistryDevelopment of cancer drugs
5Development and evaluation of spray dried micro - capsules of celecoxib which has poor water solubility to improve its solubility and oral absorptionDr.. Samar Al ShawwaPharmaceutical SciencesPharmaceuticsthe Nano technique/ formulation

​Funded Research Groups ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Project TitleThe researcherSectionSpecializationField of research
1Pharmacological and toxicological studies of some nanoparticlesDr. Badriya AlotaibipharmacologyPharmacology and toxicologyNanotechnologies
2Prepare adhesive for the treatment of wounds containing the three herbal extracts in a layer of sodium poly acrylateDr. Nashwah gadallah MohamedPharmaceutical SciencesMedicinal chemistryHerbal preparations/ formulation