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Prevention of the scourge of drugs" Awareness-raising lecture
Date: 16/3/1438 H
The Center organized a lecture entitled "Factors leading to Addiction" presented by Prof. Sheikha Al-Hajri to the students of the university to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs, to raise awareness among students also about the scourge of drugs, and activate the role of the family by expanding their awareness in combating this scourge.

Creativity despite Stress
Date: 01/08/1434
The center organized a lecture titled “Creativity despite Stress”, presented by Dr. Hanan Al-Sheikh to students of the Talents Summer Program for 1434. During the lecture, she encouraged the students to enrich their educational journey, by focusing on developing and investing their metal capabilities, explaining to them that society adopts all their brilliant ideas for reviving their future plans. 

Women’s Rights
Date: 19/08/1433
The lecture aimed to introduce the Human Rights Organization in KSA, and its role in disseminating among community members cultural awareness of the importance of human rights in general, and women’s rights in Islam in particular; women being a main element in societal development, in addition to clarifying women’s rights in organizations, associations, and government institutions, and introducing the controls for accepting complaints and cases that are punishable by the system. 

Entrepreneurship: Concepts and Needs in Light of the Saudi Society
Date: 23/12/1432
PNU participates with this lecture in the International Week for Entrepreneurship. The center was honored with a shield from the Fund for this participation that was dedicated to PNU students and a number of governmental, private, local, and international institutions concerned with entrepreneurship, SMEs, and productive families. The lecture mentioned the efforts of universities, including PNU, in the field of human resources development, especially in the specializations sought after by the labor market. 

"Factors leading to addiction" Lecture
Date: 18/7/1437 H
The Center organized a lecture entitled "Factors leading to Addiction" presented by Dr. Hind Al-Shahrani and Dr. Afaf Al-Ashawi to the students of the University to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and to explain the factors leading to drug abuse related to the individual, the family and society and the economic, social and psychological factors.

Meeting on "Women's Rights in Saudi Society"
Date: 28/5/1437 H
On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Center held a meeting with Dr. Latifa Al Shaalan, Member of Shura Council; on the rights of women in Saudi society. which was attended by a large segment of the society. This gave an overview on the culture of women’s rights, pointing to the symbolic effects that changed the perception of rights, and also summarized the history of the development of the situation of Saudi women.