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About Vice Deanship

The Research and Postgraduate Studies Vice Deanship main target is to achieve the vision and mission of the college to produce cadres are able to take responsibility, lead the future, provide educational services that meet international standards.

And where scientific research is one of the pillars of social renaissance, the Vice Deanship seeks to raise the level of the submitted scientific research as well as the awareness of the importance of scientific excellence and the publication in internationally classified journals. It strives to create a research environment for members by organizing a specialized research seminars and workshops that meant for search methods and excellence in the scientific publishing.

Also, the Vice Deanship tend to attract distinct competencies of teaching assistants, lecturers to support the educational process. Moreover, encouraging them to study abroad to enhance their education through providing a full support to facilitate the completion of the scholarship procedures and keep following up their academic progress.

The college's library is one of the units of the vice deanship that is considered one of the most important pillars in the educational process as it is enriching its holdings with books and scientific references related to the field of dentistry.

Objectives :
Suggest a policy for scholarship and scientific research.
The Identification of the necessary procedures to get a scholarship or joining it.
Proposing an annual plan for the scholarship to the teaching assistants and lecturers after coordination with the relevant authorities at the University.
 Consideration of the recommendations of the College Council for Scholarships and the implementation of these recommendations in the annual plan.
Enabling outstanding students who have degrees in dentistry to continue their higher education in leading international universities.        
The Provision of postgraduate programs to respond to labor- market needs and keep improving the levels of these programs to match the distinctive global programs.
Find prestigious educational institutions to supervise the postgraduate programs academically to keep pace with the rapid progress of the science and technology in the leading international universities in the field of dentistry.
The attraction of the outstanding students who have scholarships requesting them to join the faculty members of the college.
Improving the quality of scientific research.
The communication with the International Research Centers to keep pace with the progress in dental research.
Establishing educational programs for graduate students including training courses, workshops, short courses, and International scientific conferences.
Increasing the efficiency of the university graduates and improve their skills for the labor market, the government, and the private sector.
Fostering the concept of quality improvement for the activities of the center.
Organizing cooperation between the center and the other Institutions.
Supporting graduate studies and the students' research as well as the contribution in publishing the

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