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Main Research Fields

 - Social Research:

It is a broad area that includes the domestic sphere, the field of childhood and the problems and issues related to them, as well as the field of elderly, orphans, with special needs, people with disabilities and others covered by social welfare programs in the Saudi society.​

- Women's Studies:

It includes social, educational, psychological, legal, economic, media and other studies dealing with the problems and issues of Saudi women (women's poverty and women's unemployment, women's rights, violence against women).

- Social and Human Development:

It is a two-pronged: social sphere that aims to raise the quality of social life in terms of health, education, living standards and social welfare services of all kinds. Human sphere or human development that aim at measures and means that lead to the development of the efficiency of the human element in training, education, the transfer of experience, the development of capacities and the modification of behavior, attitudes and relationships for the better.