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The Health Sciences Research Center is one of many research centers at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. This 40,000-square meter center is located between PNU’s five Health Colleges and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital. In line with PNU’s objectives, the HSRC aspires to improve the quality of research for PNU’s staff, students, and external collaborators through developing research programs and projects aimed at supporting and promoting the University’s strategies as well as the Kingdom’s strategic plans and Vision 2030. It also devotes its efforts to support scientific research for the optimization of health, prevention and treatment of diseases, and understanding of the functions of humans and animals. The Center has 36 laboratories; 18 for biology, 12 for chemistry, ​4 for physics and 2 labs are dedicated for the Lifestyle and Health Research Center. The biology laboratories in particular are unique on a world scale as each one of them contains a tissue culture room. Additionally, HSRC’s basement has a data center and veterinary incubators along with their operation rooms and sterilization units.