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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
The Center's strategic plan stems from the University’s strategic objectives, which are:
• Reinforcing the quality of the scientific publications.
•   R​einforcing the University's research potential.
Strategic plan: Developing the Health Sciences Research Center
1.Managing the Health Sciences Research Center as well as its equipment and facilities after examining them and providing training.
2.Operating the research labs to support the health science research initiatives and projects.
3.Connecting the Center’s laboratories electronically using a laboratory information management system (LIMS), and recruiting and training the workforce at the center and all research laboratories.
4.Providing a supportive and encouraging environment for health research by:
•Establishing internal offices that facilitate research and support researchers.
•Developing policies and programs to conduct various scientific and health research on the basis of high-quality ethical and scientific standards, and in accordance with the laws and regulations adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding research on humans and animals.