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External Scholarships

Admission Requirements for Scholarships:

Admission requirements applied to female Saudi students in higher education institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be applied to internal and external scholarship female students:

·         Female applicant shall be (17) years old at least and (25) years old at most for undergraduate and diploma phases.

·         Female applicant shall have GCSE or the equivalent thereof.

·         Non-receipt of another scholarship from any educational institutions located at KSA by the applicant.

·         At time of applying, general secondary education phase graduation date shall not exceed 5 years.

·         Female applicant shall pass the medical examination as established by laws and instructions. Further, female applicant shall be medically fit.

·         Female applicant shall not be academically dismissed from any educational institutions in KSA.


In addition to the above requirements, regrading external scholarships admission, the following shall be required:

1.      Female applicant country's government shall approve studying in KSA for countries requiring the same for Saudi students.

2.      Certificates and documents shall be ratified by Saudi Cultural Attaché located at applicant's country

3.      Female applicant shall provide a police clearance certificate issued by security services in country thereof.

4.      Female applicant shall be accompanied by a mahram (male escort), as per regulatory instructions, provided that such escort shall be included in a scholarship, has a legal residence or apply with the sponsorship record of an employer, who needs services thereof.

Documents required for applying for studying in external scholarship system:

1.      GCSE or the equivalent thereof along with transcript ratified by Saudi Cultural Attaché located at country of issuance of such certificate in addition to interpretation thereof into Arabic language.

2.      Good Conduct Certificate, if any.

3.      Female applicant's valid passport.

4.      Female applicant guardian's valid residence.

5.      Applicant's country letter of approval on studying in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6.      Recent police clearance certificate, which shall be issued 5 months at least prior to application date.

7.      A medical report confirming that female applicant is medically fit to be issued 3 months, at most, prior to application submission commencement date.

8.      Two recommendations for female applicant issued by a certified authority in country thereof.  

9.      A proof of kinship with mahram (male escort) issued by applicant's country embassy within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any official authority in applicant's country, including mahram's (male escort) name, his residence number, applicant's name, and her passport number. In addition to indicating kinship with mahram (male escort) or marriage certificate in event that mahram is the female applicant husband.

Benefits offered to external scholarships' students:

            As per stipulated in non-Saudis admission and care control in higher education institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regulation by virtue of Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (94) dated 29/3/1431H- 15/03/2010 G, without prejudice to any financial benefit established by universities financial affairs regulation, external scholarship female student shall enjoy the following benefits:

-       Provision of health care for female student throughout her study term.

-       Disbursement of two-months remuneration as fit-out allowance upon arrival.

-       Disbursement of three-months remuneration as graduation allowance for books shipment.

-        Benefits offered to peers thereof in educational institution.

-       provision of discounted meals.

-       provision of accommodation as well as appropriate scientific, social, cultural and training care.

-       Provision of tickets stipulated in educational institution financial regulations provided that such tickets have not been provided by other authority. Further, female student shall be compensated for arrival ticket's value in the event of female student arrival at own expense thereof, provided that such compensation shall not exceed ticket's value provided for her colleagues from same country.

-       PNU shall be responsible for issuance of student's visa and residence. 


Procedures for application for an (external or internal) scholarship at PNU: 

  1. Application shall be available within specified dates to be announced on Deanship of Admission and Registration page on PNU website.
  2. Application shall be made via an electronic link to be included in the announcement within term specified for application.
  3. Required documents shall be uploaded and submitted via designated link in PDF or JPEG format.
  4. Upon completion of application, female applicant shall be granted application number enabling female applicant to log therein for follow up, amendment, and know status thereof.
  5. Upon closing application link, Scholarships Department shall complete admission procedures according to Ministry of Education instructions and refer thereto accordingly. Students, who are finally admitted shall be notified upon receipt of their admission instructions from Ministry of Education via e-mail and phone calls.

PNU Admission Criteria:

-       Application shall be made for majors available in year of admission except for all departments of health colleges pursuant to all stated in Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (94) dated 29/3/1431H- 15/03/2010 G regulating controls of non-Saudi scholarship students admission in higher education institutions in KSA.

-       Non-Arabic speaking scholarship female student shall be admitted to Arabic language diploma program for non-Arabic speakers, and when such female student wishes to complete university phase, requirements of scholarship upgrade from diploma scholarship to Bachelor's degree scholarship shall be fulfilled.

scholarships terminaiton controls:

As per stipulated in non-Saudis admission and care control in higher education institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regulation by virtue of Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (94) dated 29/3/1431H- 15/03/2010 G :

-       The external scholarship female student must leave the kingdom after completing her studies, within a period of three months from the end of finishing her scholarship. The university must inform the passport general department of completing the original period of her scholarship.

-       When she finishes the original course she is not allowed to extend more than half of the period.

General Provisions & Notes: 

·         Study system at PNU is in Arabic language.

·         Any application that does not meet the required conditions and documents shall be excluded.

·         Submission of several applications for admission by female applicant during same term shall result in cancelation of all applications submitted thereby. 

Application for admission at PNU and approval thereon electronically shall not mean final admission, as admitted female student shall be notified thereof.

·         Female applicant shall undertake validity of all data and documents entered into application thereof. In the event of proofing otherwise, PNU shall have the right to exclude such application.

·         As per stipulated in non-Saudis admission and care control in higher education institutions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regulation by virtue of Council of Ministers' Resolution No. (94) dated 29/3/1431H- 15/03/2010 G,

-       Scholarship female student shall be subject to residence law in KSA.

-       External scholarship female student shall be registered in PNU's record during scholarship, and PNU shall be responsible for such female student during residence thereof.

-       Scholarship female student shall not be entitled to transfer from PNU to another university, and PNU shall have the right to exclude cases deemed appropriate thereby.

-       PNU shall inform relevant official authorities in KSA of scholarship female students whose deferment, postponement or withdrawal has been accepted as well as scholarship female students who have dropped out of school for any reason, to take required actions.

-       External scholarship female student shall be prohibited from working for companies, establishments or individuals while studying.

Application Dates: 

To be announced on PNU website​

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