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Clinical Psychology Program


Mission :
Prepare competent cadres in the field of Clinical Psychology, qualified on the levels of knowledge, profession and research in accordance with the latest standards for the development of health care and community services.

Goals :
 1-Provide qualified female Clinical Psychologist who are capable of professional practice according to the latest standards of Clinical Psychology.
 2-Conducting researches in the field of Clinical Psychology that contribute to the application of Clinical Psychology constructs to the development of normal and pathological behaviours.
3-Contribute effectively to improving community's mental health and quality of life in collaboration with relevant sectors of health.

Program Learning Outcomes:
Knowledge and Understanding
K1) Describe the basic concepts of course contents related to Clinical psychology.
K2) Review the theoretical approaches and ethical considerations related to the continued existence and progression in terms of latest knowledge in Clinical Psychology.
K3) Classify and explain psychological disorder classification according to International classification system.
K4) Determine various psychopathological theories, psychological assessment methods, research methodologies and application of statistical analysis in Clinical Psychology to justify symptoms, aetiology, disorders and cases.

S1) Compare, contrast and justify the benefits and disadvantages for the application of
theoretical background, psychological assessment methods, research methodologies and application of statistical analysis and ethics in Clinical Psychology.
S2) Predict and reconstruct the outcome of any maladaptive behaviors into psychological adjustment and well-being.
S3) Plan select and follow the best Evidence Based Therapies (EBT), effective strategies and psychological assessment scales according to psychological problems and ethical and cultural considerations in the field of Clinical Psychology according to international standards.
S4) Analyze the data related to observation, interview, psychological assessment and research (qualitative and quantitative) applying statistical analyses.
S5) Interaction for   the   development   of   healthy   interpersonal   relationships by demonstrating active listening, accepting attitude, assertive skills and professional  behaviors.

V1) Comply with the standard practice regulation and commitment to the professional ethics

Graduate attributes of Clinical Psychology

The graduate of BS in Clinical Psychology will :
1. Cognitive awareness:
-Apply in-depth understanding and knowledge within the clinical psychology and able to apply psychological theories and professional practices in different contexts.

2. Informational Competency:
-Able to use modern technology in psychological assessments and case evaluation and provide online therapy.

3. Analysis and Creativity:
Able to think creatively and critically and able to develop effective response to intellectual, professional, and social challenges. 

4. Self-development:
-Have the capability of continuous learning for self-developmental skills and professional practice through all available resources 

5. Effective communication: 
 -Communicate effectively in Arabic and English languages in professional, ethical and social context. 

6. Personal values and skills:
-Possess personal values that are reflected in their practices which are consistent with their roles as being responsible members of Saudi society.

7. Volunteering and community service:
-Participate in community service through a variety of community initiatives. 

Two Semesters Plan​

Study Plan Three Semesters :
Current Plan (Click here)
Developed Plan (Click here)

Course description :
level 3