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Community Service

Community Service

The Faculty of Engineering aims to contribute effectively to the service of the community and its institutions by encouraging the distinct initiatives of programs and activities of community service in addition to motivating female students and faculty employees to cooperate with institutions and charities, social, and health, while providing the opportunity for experienced faculty members to provide services and meaningful participations that seek to support the nation and citizens.​


Service name​Service descriptionNames of the attributors they providedAcademic DepartmentDateService target group
Breast Cancer EventSocial awareness eventSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering16-17/10/2018College students
World Special Needs DaySocial awareness eventSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering3/12/2018


College students

A program I know right.Awareness of the rights and duties of the universitySpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering27/2/2019


College students

types of sensors and their industrial application CourseVocational courseDr. Maha LachinFaculty of Engineering1/9/2019College students
Training high school students on local robotsSkillcourseA group of college studentsFaculty of Engineering



College students
First introductory meetingIntroducing students to updatesSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering10/10/2019College students
Marketing Management CourseSkillcourseDr. Samia Al-AttarFaculty of Engineering23/10/2019College students
Professional Engineering GuidanceSkillcourseDr. Sultan Al-SharifFaculty of Engineering29/10/2019College students
Second introductory MeetingIntroducing students to the services of a psychologistSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering30/10/2019College students
Ghaith Khair ProgramPromoting the values of charitySpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering3/11/2019College students
My Rights ProgramIntroducing students to their rightsSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering6/11/2019College students
A course of staying creativeSkillcourseDr. Saeed Al AmoudiFaculty of Engineering12/11/2019College students
Campaign here and nowPromoting mental healthSpecialist/Shatha Al-AjlanFaculty of Engineering11/12/2019College students
Training Experience at KAUSTProfessional skill course

Engineer/Raghad Al-Salami

Engineer/Sarah Zahrani

Faculty of Engineering21/1/2020College students
Organize a pleasant forum and exhibitionVolunteering to organize SAR

Engineers/ Raghadsalami

Peaceful Beshear

Mariam Al-Asmari

Sarah Al Zahrani

Afan Al-Oufi

In addition to the college students.

Faculty of Engineering28-29/1/2020Community

TISP workshop

At an outside school

Educational skill workshop for school members

Dr. Shabana

Engineer/Tasnim Al-Ghamdi

Faculty of Engineering1/2/2020Members of the school
Computer course (latex)SkillcourseDr. Samia LarkashFaculty of Engineering18/2/2020College students
Engineering workshop (university schools)High school skills workshop

Professor/Asma al-Qubaisi

Engineer/Nov Al-Taweela

Faculty of Engineering24/2/2020High school students in university schools
Receiving female students from the University of Tokyo, JapanEducational skills

Professor/Mashal Al-Haqbani

Engineer/ Raghad Al-Salami

Professor/Asma al-Qubaisi

Faculty of Engineering25/2/2020Students of the University of Tokyo, Japan
Big Sister InitiativeAcademic awarenessFaculty of Engineering/Student Advisory CouncilFaculty of Engineering31/08/2020Foundation Year Students
World Leukemia DaySocial awareness

Dr. Maha Lachin

Admen/Asma al-Qubaisi

Faculty of Engineering2020/9/22University students
International Day of ToleranceSocial awareness

Dr. Maha Lachin

Admen /Asma al-Qubaisi

Faculty of Engineering16/11/2020College students